Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Perform work 6 actors of a part, last the most arrogant, rely on a part to walk the world Now nowadays, the market of industry of movie and TV, already by discharge embezzlement. But, very much now discharge, often do not have what actual strength and acting, often can be spat by everybody groove. After all, as an actor, the most important thing still wants what to want his fictile part to had acted. Those actors before, because acting is masterly,be, oneself fictile part figure acts by superb, thorough popular feeling. Accordingly, in heart of a lot of audiences, the part of his personate often gives the impression that everybody brings even deep hundredfold than him himself! Today, small make up give small cully people check one, 6 perform a role live performer, among them that is the most arrogant finally, rely on a part to walk merely the world!

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The 2nd, xie Tong. The likelihood hears this name, very much small cully can feel unfamiliar, but ” of Xu Xian of one respecting ” this part, everybody knows who she is immediately certainly. Actually, xie Tong is an actress, but be in in those days ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” in, what she acts however is ” of ” Xu Xian. Must say, her acting is really too assist, come for years or so a lot of audiences think she is a schoolboy all the time.

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The 3rd, jin Chaoqun. Most propbably, hear ” to unseal a bag as just judge, differentiate of impartial and incorruptible faithful evil ” this libretto, does the ” that can everybody think of Jin Chaoqun personate certainly include the form in the drama of blue sky ” ? ! At that time, the impartial and incorruptible that Jin Chaoqun as just judge the bag, upright and outspoken not A, show get proper, incisively and vividly. Because,also be such, piece after performing this role, jin Chaoqun also can perform a role only!

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Last, 6 small age child. Annual summer vacation, each David is inspected can broadcast continuously ” on the west travel notes ” this teleplay, although look year after year, but how to also look however insufficient. Especially that version of 86 years, also created in those days close inspect myth. And ” on the west travel notes ” in, most the part that loves by everybody is empty ” of ” Sun Wu, by 6 small age child the empty ” of ” Sun Wu that act makes person look over unforgettable more, can calls the most classical ” Sun Wu empty ” . And 6 small age child this lifetime, also because of this one part, complete by wide audience place hep, recumbent a part walks the world!

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