Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Who is pulled who to step on? ” Si Teng ” Jing Tian is changed by AI the face becomes Liu Yifei, the each other on net of two vermicelli made from bean starch is ripped

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Well-known, having ” terrestrial riches and honour is beautiful ” the Jing Tian that say appears in screen before is mostly ” foolish Bai Tian ” the part of and so on, and acting also is to flatter hard really, saying even is ” vase ” also had not been, plus in last few years also all the time work of it doesn’t matter, jing Tian’s heat also basically stays in ” know this name just ” on degree.

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Say to be in so after knowing this film is You Jingtian’s main actor, many masses eating melon did not look even piece had felt this drama is ” did not sow attack first ” , however reality however firm firm hit masses eating melon a big mouth! Depending on this film, jingtian won not small heat successfully, still wash even before the audience is right her ” acting is poor ” , ” foolish Bai Tian ” inflexible impression!

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Drama medium shot is sweet the Si Teng of personate, be proud charming, high, Leng Yan, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient be full of ” stranger is not entered ” flavour, but at the same time because long absolutely at the world, those who face the slow-witted bud that modern life place behaves, heart is pure etc, a few kinds of attribute are united in wedlock together, whole person is set fresh glamour rises.

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At present this matter still is fermenting on the network, it seems can be good wind up of it doesn’t matter partly temporarily. Hall father’s younger brother feels however, since be drama of movie and TV, how to set his mind at the heart sees drama go, do these farfetched things why?

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