Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Heating up 5 sowed drama: ” good time of beautiful scene in a good day ” before was not being entered 3, the first heat is sowed hot The 5th ” good time of beautiful scene in a good day ” Xu Lu, Lin Yi

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The 4th ” long song goes ” Dilireba, Wu Lei the faithful pink that I am Dilireba originally, not be her I also won’t look, result, defect went in. And we should approbate each actors, of staff member of behind the curtain pay, also ask everybody to see the actor’s progress. Female advocate atmosphere, early days is men’s clothing, so won’t very Jing is colourful, this is very normal, look premonitory, meet from the back more and more Jing is colourful. Male advocate, changed play way completely, small grandma dog becomes bully always, transition is very successful. Anyhow, this drama actors acting is online, the old practice is sound, the clue is compact. Be worth to watch very much, whole journey seeing play does not have speed. So good theatrical work, why so much person made low component?

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The 3rd ” 12 Tan ” Gulina is plunged into, Liu Yihao

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The 2nd ” sensible derive is vivid ” Qin Lan, Wang Hedi

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Song Jia, Tong Dawei is hit by accident bump by accident looked to shift to an earlier date the 3 collect of preview, actor acting reachs the designated position, gut discusses real problem, with warmth humorous means is deduced, pretty is interesting. Drama name looks to come out is to mix ” small jubilate ” of a series, nevertheless heat wants a few lower, quality at first view is possible still. The topic still is centered in the class reproduction angst that produces in the city, this kind of angst is wide on north still be more general in such big city, jiang Xin’s part is a special typical case ” Haidian mom ” , two female advocate special domestic structure increased to figure relationship many dramatic, follow-up story develops or be worth to expect.

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