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Original title: Yuan Bing beautifuls ” Zhu Qing is good ” overbearing be proud charming, zheng Yecheng is reincarnate bright and beautiful garment defends adult, female chase after male fierce Depend on drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” coloured glaze ” , yuan Bing beautifuls to have his moment once more. Her masterly acting, let audience experience arrive the Zhu Xuan Ji of goodness of a pure and lovely, muddled. After this drama, the drama of another ancient costume that Yuan Bing beautifuls ” Zhu Qing is good ” switch on the mobile phone sadly, change the body is overbearing be proud the infanta of charming, performed a paragraph of beautiful type to recall the story of love with Zheng Yecheng.

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Liu Ling’s person is set with Zhu Xuan Ji very picture, after so this drama became Yuan to put beautiful on the ice to have one’s moment head make.

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Be in ” coloured glaze ” in, yuan ice beautiful performs Zhu Xuan Ji lived. Zhu Xuan Ji is original and inherent 6 knowledge are misshapen, do not know terrestrial love, the result is willing finally for beloved person however risk everyone’s condemnation, open coloured glaze small cup, sacrificial oneself. This tremendous change process, be beautifuled by Yuan Bing ground of incisively and vividly was shown come out. ” Zhu Qing is good ” be big female advocate teleplay, but this female advocate with ” coloured glaze ” differ somewhat. Two female advocate very strong, of Zhu Xuan Ji strong depending on her preexistence is day group Ares, depend on dashing ahead without thinking his safety for Yu Sifeng. And of Liu Ling strong depend on her Diao Man is capricious, unreasonable. It is so in this drama, yuan ice beautiful is not duplicated completely again Ji of a Zhu Xuan. New role is the challenge that beautifuls to Yuan Bing, also be the expectation of all audiences.

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Although appearance is brilliant Anacreontic, be considered as beautiful vase by accident by a lot of people, but Zheng Yecheng is actor of actual strength clique all the time actually. Junyi of his fictile Fu Jiuyun is spoony, eye ground bright, allow person mind injury. If say fine-looking and OK make a holiday, so the feeling that the actor gives to part explanation is true absolutely.

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Zheng course of study defends Shenyang banquet into the bright and beautiful garment of personate, it is the old handsome young man of a Gao Leng. And female advocate Ling of Liu of long happy infanta, it is river city the boundary of a piece of land gave a name ” evil female ” , be taken by wine shop cafes regard as chat to talk beguilingly endowment. Liu Ling birthday this day, collected the lumbar card of Shenyang banquet by chance. Stem from the curiosity that honest to this Shenyang Yours Excellency, liu Ling decides, should this Shen Meiren ” do in one’s hand ” . Female chase after male fierce, overturned the acknowledge with traditional to the ancients masses. Liu Ling begins accost Shenyang banquet, do all the way laugh ceaseless, sweet degree explode canopy.

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” coloured glaze ” last part the plot of a play, after Zhu Xuan Ji finds Yu Sifeng, leave no stone unturned wants to stay beside him. The be mischievous pretty that Yuan Bing beautifuls tangles, let an audience look very satisfy a craving, but regretful is the clue does not grow, written in water. ” Zhu Qing is good ” oneiromancy audience, strong female president grows ancient costume happy infanta, chase after frowsty coquettish beauty male Wei Shenyan of bright and beautiful garment, the be mischievous pretty that ice letting Yuan beautifuls tangles to magnify to the top of one’s bent.

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” Zhu Qing is good ” switch on the mobile phone superabundant in January, besides Yuan Bing beautiful, Zheng Yecheng acts the leading role outside, the costar battle array of day of rice heat, Zhang Yue, Yang Zhiwen, Guo laugh also is worth to look. ” Zhu Qing is good ” still blended in element of Gong Dou, knight-errant, certainly will can lift to close inspect upsurge.

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