Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Yuan ice beautiful is chased after ” travel length a song ” charge money designedly, rangreba entertains guests have a meal, hot cling to the reply exceeds comical Well-known, by heat cling to, Wu Lei, Zhao Lou thinks of those who wait for a main actor ” travel length a song ” , one is sowed with respect to the topic ceaseless, can say dispute often gives the new work of force, this drama gut very rich and colorful, the actor also is not haunt to the character’s assurance, although have caricature thrust deep into the enemy forces, but the progress that does not affect whole department theatrical work, gut had arrived yesterday tall smooth hour, li Changge eventually no longer arrest at the animosity before, surname World War II for big Tang Bai however, that is to say, be opposite with A Shi Lesun truly went up!

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And hot cling to the Li Changge that act, go up the eyeball that the line attracted countless audiences, taking hold a character to grow, on the detail such as disposition change, hot cling to beautiful and intelligent, tender goodness, for national person if go general from caricature,deduce, especially Li Changge witnessed A antrum to be killed, with bitter hatred, give a city to greet enemy that paragraph is medium, hot cling to be enmeshed completely in the part, hot tear is completely in a pair of big eyes, brows is knitted closely, do not have God package completely, cry bitterly phonate!

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Recently, yuan puts beautiful on the ice to attend some activity, when interview, she expresses: Also chasing after recently ” travel length a song ” , the member that attend a meeting to money designedly even, arms of city of state of new moon of gut plum long song is defeated nowadays by captive of the other side, let her see true identity of A Sun eventually, can say to open cruel a bit, of course, my classmate is hot cling to expression also is to let me shine at the moment, she also is to gave us to bring different oneself, hahaha!

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Of course, dilireba each respect is very outstanding, serve as an actor nevertheless, she still has very long way to want, we hope to be in ” travel length a song ” in, everybody can see her progress!

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