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Original title: Yang Zi plum shows partner tacit understanding, can suffer from Hu Yitian, film spot make a fool of oneself

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The far more than that raises a key point actually is in mobile spot, be in ” my times your times ” in, yang Zi and plum also gues-star now attend film, should film namely for the most part among them the occasion of big marriage of character of Tongnian Han business. Of course, han Shangyan still has a job incidentally, the Wu Bai that must teach Hu Yitian personate namely talks about love. This can be a big project, many subtle move and surprise are Han Shangyan to what impart (hand in money skill to pass experience single-handed) .

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Of course, hu Yitian is in the part in drama is originally a little stupid on love stupid person, appear so Wu Bai appears in every respect Dou Chi is a few blunter. Also not be stupid really of course, however such character role is not the disposition that puts outside that make public in drama, with plum the Han Shangyan that shows personate is having a few to differ, because this also appears very interesting.

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And more interesting is to be in ” my times your times ” in in filmed titbits, yang Zi and plum show a partner unusual tacit agreement, it is Hu Yitian appears again instead some extraordinary. Because plum the spot did not give hang now Hu Yitian, make Hu Yitian is filming the spot made joke, offend then everybody is to burst out laughing.

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Come out so that the road appears to illuminate according to basking in, they are to be in same a bridal setting that bridal field holds at the same time, accordingly Yang Zi plum shows, hu Yitian and Li Yitong 4 people are to be in at the same time of the spot. And in transcribe process, after play of a kiss is patted, plum surrounded view Huyi day in the past with respect to the collect on the horse now, it is next explode laugh, laughing is rock, never mention it Yang Zi is curious, a lot of people want to know how to return a responsibility.

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Hu Yitian is to be laughed at one face is muddledly more, because the spot tightens what laugh then but more than Yang Zi, li Yitong, still have the staff member all round. Hu Yitian is in later of the staff member remind below, oneself just know, there is lipstick on his mouth only, and plum show and do not have. This also shoulds not to often manage, after all two people are patting same setting.

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Original, before this, still produced a Hu Yitian and unwitting thing. Filming this group later, yang Zi discovers above all in plum the mark that there is lipstick on showing mouth, reminded ahead of schedule accordingly plum now, plum also make now wipe a movement to obliterate its. But these Huyi days do not know.

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The netizen says, the likelihood is plum shift to an earlier date now and did not tell this secret Hu Yitian, because this ability can happen plum after see Hu Yitian kiss play now the setting of condition. Such setting let film the spot is more happy. Yang Zi and plum although be,show ” my times your times ” gues-star, but two people also were not this drama less to offer a hotspot, of course two people regard Hu Yitian and Li Yitong as the main actor is not decline to shoulder a responsibility more, let this drama be full of thick sweetness.

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In light of whole, this ” my times your times ” it seems that in front of make than, heat a little some lower, because,the likelihood is incognito cause. But two drama are to let a person know a whole story, and gut side is very good also, did you see this play?

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