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Original title: Does Yang Zi go out act ” is agalloch eaglewood like bits ” be to save field or cut moustache after all? Fasten easily stand in line ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” it is a magical work really, had not left pat had given birth to disturbance of a lot of dispute.

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Male advocate Cheng Yi is as firm as a rock, yuan of female principal and subordinate puts beautiful on the ice to pass Jing Tian, pass Yang Zi from Bai Lu again. Good not easy affirmatory Yang Zi goes out act, the result caused controversy again.

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Change character, yang Zi goes out act ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” it is to save purely.

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Someone says her get sth others ignored, someone says she is wrapped hold something under the arm by capital, return somebody to sneer at she falls oneself Ga…

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According to their place character, yang Zi goes out act ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” it is cut Hu Jingtian, return angrily rebuke she was grabbed female the show share of 2. This drama decides Yang Zi goes out after acting, by her one person cent acts the role of two parts, female the show share of 2 is total by cutout. Originally Xie Qing is decided makeup according to also patted, schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater also stayed, because,the result is Yang Zi, she was kicked to give a play staff. Show on announce sheet, personate of Yan Danyou Jing Tian, namely female advocate, male advocate be Cheng Yi.

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Then, good the disturbance that appeases not easily, recrudesce billows. Somebody sympathizes with Xie Qing, somebody scene of stand in line is sweet, still manpower holds out Yang Zi… this job progress comes here, have the meaning of bit of Luo Sheng door quite, so after all what who says is true? Is Yang Zi to save field or cut moustache after all? Actually, want to make clear this Hunan question is not difficult.

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Want to know, the autograph that she can be joyous luck century arranges actor, wanting to take oneself theatrical work is close water tower absolutely. And, the Ga with Yang Zi, want her to want to pat only annulus be less than others.

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Be practical and realistic, this theatrical work is not certain nobody is willing to go out act female advocate, however this drama is choosing all the time female advocate. Joyous luck century takes this theatrical work, hold Cheng Yi in both hands for force namely. They want to look for the actress with one individual gas, heat, superior actual strength, because such ability take internal heat this drama, ability makes the position that sheds into firm top more firm. And Yang Zi is optimal person selected undoubtedly, she is driven control inspected capacity beyond question. Still have more crucial, she is autograph of joyous luck century arranges actor, surface of attend to square field also must be received.

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Finally, yang Zi has gone out had performed Duobugu to hold theatrical work, ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” do not get what flat bread at calculating her, do not have really necessary go cut introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad others. The Ga with Yang Zi, the move such as big play she, not worthwhile because antagonize of a work. After all still hearsay says is Jing Tian flies carry pole with its load of the put down after patting, the Yang Zi that joyous luck century just asks act against one’s will is saved. So, fasten really about this thing easily stand in line, because among what to produce after all, alien have no way is informed, but a bit can affirm, yang Zi is absolutely impossible cut is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad.

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Should say ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” this work, also be big IP, did not think of to adapt teleplay to make the disturbance that gives so much actually.

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