Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Net drama is held in both hands red 4 female stars, ju Jing Dai , Xing Fei empurples redly, only alone she just took off to crash! Net drama is held in both hands red many female star, bring up Jing Dai , xing Fei empurples redly, only alone she just has improvement ” crash ” netizen play says ” compare coolly red fast ” . Develop quickly as the times, a lot of more promotional the issue that we consider not to have the courage to think, can come true easily in current society more very much.

20220316121008 6231d3a0e257a

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Although net drama sounds did not defend inspect on the star sounds lofty on, but from which but the interest is not small! Also hold red not little female bit in both hands, bring up Jing Dai for instance, net drama comes out Xing Fei, ju Jing Dai does not have the star on a drama before this, also go year end the ability at the beginning of this year broadcasts the star on the net drama before, this namely first the course of net tiring-room, even if is such, energy of life of person of Ju Jing Dai also is very tall.

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What everybody knows Liang Jie is before ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” the person that has seen is quite much, and Liang Jie also is to be in ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” hind little famous energy of life, but with, bring up Jing Dai He Xingfei, zhao Lou thinks of photograph comparing, do not be in paragraph on, reputation is poor too far, the likelihood also is too too low-key, broadcast without drama so, spend without the topic, also check without this person. Young associate people also hope Liang Jie also can better and better. Still having is Zhang Tianai, she is compared with He Xingfei of Ju Jing Dai even if bronze is opposite gold, paragraph those who drop is too fast too fast! In very long a long time ago Zhangtian loves even if because of drama of a net ” prince the wife of a prince rises duty to write down ” rapid leap up is red, sodden drama frequency goes out from the back, resembling is the plane just does not take off to crash, just go up for instance again rocket, preparation blasts off with respect to flameout a truth. Although also be in a few put together art program look good as result of recieving praise but poor still too far, long march road is boundless think red beard is careful.

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