Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yang Mi ” windstorm eye ” ascend ” round-the-world times ” , install high-quality goods to nod assist for the country

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Had looked ” windstorm eye ” the audience of this drama, can discover probably ” the country is installed ” this department that heading mysterious veil all the time, meeting as gut advance and become more clear and clear, the country brings subject matter work rare be short of, do not eliminate great majority audience actually the work of movie and TV that views this kind of subject matter for the first time.

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This theatrical work that Yang Mi group makes, be called on quality high-quality goods, no matter be to be being taken,change an aspect, still be in of gut push a field, can the deliberate with enough withstand.

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“The country is installed ” it is a very special section, his property is similar to public security, but of main defense is the risk that brings outside the condition however.

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Make a simple example: More truncal than what be like a hundred years large tree in conceal wears to gnaw the bug that feeds tree, should be found and eliminate the optimal practice of this bug, be not is cultivate whole curium next bit by bit cut truncal will discharge check, do the life safety that undoubted meeting persecutes to be cultivated to whole so. But if do not find out this bug, sooner or later insect is met truncal gnaw feed one sky, what still endanger this tree next is smooth and steady.

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First-rate practice, discover bug hole namely, gnaw the route that feed down the pest next, find this pest, below the situation that does not endanger security of large tree life, finish this job that eliminates a pest. This kind ” the impact is the least, profit is the biggest ” method, namely ” windstorm eye ” the investigates vessel China interior to hide a pest method that develops in drama, the battle of silence of this kind of quiet, ability does not destroy the principal part that is protected, capture this kind the most easily also to hide a gender ” pest ” .

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