Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Li Jia boat sends long article to talk about masses of national sufficient hope not to want optional drain to annoy

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16 days, dispatch of Li Jia boat talks about a country sufficient, he states current state is sufficient be in really predicament, if be fan, certain freedom goes critically, but if do not understand or the masses does not watch a football like oneself, not optional drain is indignant, keeping silence also is a support to this industry. Li Jia boat also speak bluntly ” after all Chinese football became smelly much teenager, what lack least of all is the quarrelling sound, and it is worse and worse. But if was taken,do not pay close attention to do not see a ball, gush of transient blurt out the agitation of one mouth, I feel also is not a favour. I feel also is not a favour.. 20220316121205 6231d41531654

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