Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Old job says Lin Hao newly: Act art gifted, “Calf child ” the play that revises big director

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Niu Chaojiang (openly left 2) ” wear guaze mask to go direct seeding ” one of main actors Lin Hao, ever was in former days heroism of epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River helps a person ” aseismatic Xiaoying is male ” . In the mouth that directs from Niu Chaojiang, our little-known in the past to Lin Hao story learns just a little. “Lin Hao was together with me as a child, he piquant often is shouting not to sleep together with parents, like to run sleep on my kang. ” bovine director is recollected, lin Hao is right act art very gifted, when he performs my film for the first time, once, he stands before me unexpectedly ” act shamelessly ” : “Director, I need not your actor’s lines, can you deny the word according to me to act? ” ” alas, your this boy, should revise a play unexpectedly? ” bovine director touchs his head, “Good, you say please. ” state when what listen to Wan Linhao hind, bovine director feels this ” calf child ” those who say is very good, adopted his proposal. Wherefrom rises momently, the ox directs the Li Xin that make a heart to admire this child, be certain he is certain in the future is a good actor, regular meeting gives prize!

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” wear guaze mask to go direct seeding ” it is Lin Hao the first motion picture that act gives after the university graduates, in drama, lin Hao acts Niu Xiaojiang of peasant worker worker. “This name holds out Niu Xiaojiang significant, niu Chaojiang’s director is taken personally, reveal a director to be cherished to the main actor’s care, be like father and son in person! ” Tian Moliang says Lin Hao’s broker so! (pen)

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