Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Film the condition is too bitter the actor ran half, search group act to obtain shadow emperor when leading role, leave all the way hang Work of home’s classic drama of movie and TV is very much still, but very may much person does not know, actually work of a little classical movie and TV can succeed also is exceeding not easy. Bad work is little for certain not slowly burnish, and in inchoate film the environment compares trouble, await capital of very may much play staff to be not worth badly in those days, no matter be actor or each respect, the condition is very difficult. That moment can film give a good work, little not play staff staff member, still have those actors’ joint effort, want this work of everybody introduction today, at that time film the condition is difficult really, dare not imagine. The likelihood is him enough effort, be gone up to the sky so pitch on had good lot, because of an accidental opportunity, he can go out perform film blind well, and still be blind well the main actor in this film. Also not be to lean lot completely actually, when filming, this film is in blind well at that time is very hard, the hardship that the itself that this film tells about is rock-bottom people lives, in the film very direct show the kind that gave human nature and evil. But this play staff for authenticity, film setting is for the most part undertake in the colliery, such environment is very poor, originally male advocate see this environment is immediate put down carry pole with its load.

20220319100046 6235a9ceadbbd

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