Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Shao Guohua of Hong Kong actor dies all the year round ever established 64 years old ” YES! ” magazine

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According to coverage of Hong Kong media, master of ceremonies of elder broadcasting station holds concurrently ” YES! ” magazine patriarch Shao Guohua dies, all the year round is 64 years old. Shao Guohua of Hong Kong actor ever was in Hong Kong 1989 broadcasting station and collaboration of a jade tablet of afterwards of Ni Zhen, bridge direct broadcasting station program ” 3 doleful hearts ” , of the same age he and Ni Zhen establish youngster magazine ” YES! ” , hold the position of this magazine chief editor. The magazine gets youth reception greatly not only, later is development is become more ” Yes gets stuck ” cause one numerous the tide taking card that chases after astral a group of things with common features. Shao Guohua also has at the same time participate in the film to create, ever playwrite ” unheard talks ” , ” double fertilizer faces the door ” etc, the film that he participates in compose play in the center ” bound of 3 the world ” , more obtain gold of Hong Kong film is optimal like award 1989 playwrite award. He ever also was joined perform column of the film, compose, ever also lifted Hang Dongdu to laugh at a show, it is an all-round actor.

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