Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Bureau of national motion picture: In uniform of short duration does not open theater of high risk area

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(origin: Chinese news agency) message of website of bureau of shadow of the home appliance that occupy a country, fulfil minute of divisional class strictly to prevent control a demand. Adjust a circumstance according to trends of grade of our region risk, do essence of good theater science to be prevented definitely control the job. 1. In uniform of short duration does not open theater of high risk area, do good environment disappear strictly to kill, rigor does good employee health to monitor, for the cinema answer course of study ready-made. 2. Cinema of low risk area wants to ask according to deploy of apanage epidemic prevention, the time-out of the current limliting of this current limliting, this time-out, should shut shut. Business cinema should carry out seat of honour strictly to lead the requirement that does not exceed 75% , carry out an audience strictly to sweep a code to measure lukewarm, real name to make an appointment, without contact carry out ticket, whole journey adorns the requirement such as guaze mask, dietary demand is not gotten during carrying out the film strictly to show, carry out clean disappear strictly to kill, ventilated take a breath, extend the requirement such as the breathing space between field.

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