Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Actor Gu Baoming dies because of heart lungs exhaustion Lai Shengchuan dispatch grieves over

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On March 19, because heart lungs fails to die suddenly,old show bone considers Bao Ming, die at the age of is 71 years old. Lai Shengchuan dispatch grieves over this in former days good friend: “Just receive an information today, our good friend, our very companionate Gu Baoming died today, my mood is exceedingly heavy and sad. Gu Baoming is an one of for generations minority, commendable, actors that have talent most, especially the talent of comedic respect, I feel the whole world should do not have how many actor to be able to be compared with him, his comedy is not simple do laugh, was full of all sorts of administrative levels however, can say to be full of the administrative levels of all sorts of life wisdom especially, looked to know. And Gu Baoming is respect of movie and TV not merely, he is in respect of the living theatre also is, who can the show that stagewise has watched Gu Baoming, I feel to a very contented thing also ought to be in life. Remember following Bao Ming in those days, still have Li Liqun they cooperate, stand group had said with me, in those days they are to be in China inspect training class one case of recieve training, how does he say this individual has talent so? Li Liqun says. I have favour to had cooperated together with Baoming, I know what a of the actor top class expression is, I also feel exceeding honor, also hope Bao Ming is good go. ” in addition, lai Shengchuan still pastes the stage photo that gave much Zhanggu Bao Ming to go and performance photograph, the netizen also leaves a message in succession grieve over.

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