Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Acceptance of national current culture finishs THE9 concert return a ticket inside 10 days

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(origin: The first finance and economics) a few days ago, have THE9 relevant backup force meeting vermicelli made from bean starch explodes solely to reporter of the first finance and economics makings say, graduate on the THE9 of the end of the year 2021 formerly concert, because of epidemic situation close down hind, already had 3 many months up to now. Though sponsor Fang Guochao culture,so-called meeting delay is held, but did not hold up to now, because of return a ticket of requirement of this many vermicelli made from bean starch, sponsor Fang Guochao however culture is protracted up to now not sum refund, or the person that involve thousands of return a ticket, amount or be as high as millions yuan. On March 18, dispatch of date of Zhang of government of national current culture says, classics firm is urgent and consulting, acceptance will remove 7-10 on March 18 this concert is finished inside weekday return a ticket of ticket of all organization end.

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