Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Bei Xin of Michael Er · piece ” desperate ambulance ” affirm land of the home in introducing 20220319120107 6235c6034d143” desperate ambulance ” placard On March 18, shellfish of Michael Er · hold the film that guide ” desperate ambulance ” affirm land of the home in introducing, archives expects to decide. Jackie Jilunhaer, Xiehaiya Abodule – stride fourth, moxa Sha Gangsaleisi, north America will be shown on April 8. Break up pat from film of homonymic 2005 Denmark, those who tell about to come back from Afghanistan is veteran be gone robbing a bank by brotherly drag sb into the mire, when absconding confused not choose highway robbery ran an ambulance, but an emergency treatment patient that be dying let two brother be immersed in conscience and moral predicament…

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