Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: “France the first beauty male ” De Longxi of A orchid · hopes to be in specific time euthanasia 20220319120118 6235c60edbebfDe Long of A orchid · 20220319120119 6235c60f0d798A Lan Delong is illuminated nearly The intermediary outside occupying, have ” the first beauty weighs France maly ” the life that the specific time that De Longxi of A orchid · visits to in future he hopes to die ends him with euthanasia, already asked the son is in the company when dying beside oneself. It is reported is in 2019, he suffers from went up apoplectic, after this lives in Switzerland all the time. Apoplectic hind he is pestered by of all kinds sequela personally, de Long of A orchid · thinks he already lived so that be without dignity, he will be in his son Anthony carries out euthanasia below the company of · De Long. It is De Long of A orchid · to live in Switzerland, OK over oneself apply for to undertake euthanasia. A few years he was in in the past disclose apt euthanasia, ever told France the TV station, he thinks aged feeling is very bad: “In a specific age, specific hour, a person should have right quiet ground, unfixed below the condition that need not experience cure, this ability is those who accord with logic, natural business ” , “Age very bad, we are helpless to this, lose face and sight, inconvenience of ability to walk, articulatory ache… the feeling is very bad ” , also disclose had gotten ready together with Swiss lawyer total worth. Anthony · De Long disclosed to relevant TV station recently: Father already asked oneself ” help ” he dies, when he decides to leave the world for company walks along last Cheng, anthony promises company, what also disclose De Long of · of Li of maternal graceful tower is dead let father be touched. The will that Dan Andong Buddhist nun rejects to hold the position of father executes a person, will block · De Longlai to operate by his little sister A Nuji. De Longceng of A orchid · performs the film because of joining ” when beautiful month heartbroken ” when false play is done really, with ” alizarin red alizarin red princess ” — collect Mi Shinaide falls in love, 2 people placed contract even, he abandoned again however as the other side, female as model is far walk along Mexico.

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