Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Big S husband provides Jun Ye to be done personally now detect will close the most quickly at going out 20 days at 0 o’clock 20220319120141 6235c62510a03Big S husband provides Jun Ye According to stage intermediary, big S husband provides Jun Ye to living in at present with be apart of big Home S only the epidemic prevention hotel of 2 kilometers, the segregation that has by a definite date 10 days, will be in the most quickly tomorrow (20 days) before dawn went out at 0 o’clock close. 19 days 9:18, before providing Jun Ye to show body driveway to do segregation to expire relevant detect, wave to the media of attendant expect present one’s compliment, return restaurant subsequently. According to the report, the spot has large quantities of media expect, more vermicelli made from bean starch is being written ” congratulation marry ” brief note. As we have learned, after providing Jun Ye to keep apart an end, still have 7 days of own government, because he does not have abode in the stage, it is to change other public house or a person of extraordinary powers that enter big S after segregation curtilage, also get attention fully.

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