Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Qingdao government is responded to ” I want against the wind to go ” play staff hall feeds controversy to recieve a businessman to weigh monitoring by purloin

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On March 18, market of the region austral Qingdao city superintends bureau response 17 days ” I want against the wind to go ” play staff ” hall feed ” controversy, superintendency bureau of market of the region austral Qingdao city expressed to undertake investigating after receiving a large number of complaining, confirmed this dining-room at that time already close down does not do business external, use at play staff personnel to film only rest have dinner is used, the response with the play staff is consistent. Disclose according to the businessman, the net passes monitoring content is by purloin, and had called the police. It is reported, on March 17, after the net passes play staff of Gong Jun, Zhong Chuxi to issue the regulation that suspensive hall feeds in Qingdao, dine together in dining-room as before. To this, drama honest response calls this the ground is the play staff books a whole theater technically use facilitate a few staff members work to close with what rest circumstance. Because the play staff is in charge of the misgovern of the staff member of field, cause the leak outside the monitoring video that uses space, already undertook to this staff member criticism and discharge are handled. In addition, 2 people new theatrical work ” I want against the wind to go ” illicit of producer reply vermicelli made from bean starch is believed ” the job that this area books a whole theater for the play staff rests area ” .

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