Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: THE9 concert return a ticket is follow-up: Sponsor square this day to rise 10 days inside the refund that finish 20220319120147 6235c62b72e3aAnnouncement of national current culture 20220319120147 6235c62ba1c4eThe 9 A few days ago, have THE9 relevant backup force meeting vermicelli made from bean starch explodes to reporter of the first finance and economics makings say, THE9 concert early or late Guan Xuan can run Suzhou field and Guangzhou field, as a result of epidemic situation temporarily close down, though sponsor tide of square Beijing country,culture travel expands limited company so-called meeting delay is held, but did not hold up to now, because of return a ticket of requirement of this many vermicelli made from bean starch, sponsor however square protracted up to now not sum refund, or the person that involve thousands of return a ticket, amount or be as high as millions yuan. THE9 combines You Aiji art platform goes out, disbanded formally in December 2021, the graduation concert of original plan suffers epidemic situation to affect delay to come after disbanding, hold. Love is strange art the respect expresses, of concert sponsor just be travel of Beijing country current culture to expand limited company, love is strange art communicating actively sponsor square, assist vermicelli made from bean starch to finish relevant refund as soon as possible. Report this after the event in the first finance and economics, on March 18 evening, travel of Beijing country current culture develops limited company to release announcement to say: Acceptance will remove 7~10 on March 18 this concert is finished inside weekday all organizations buy refund of bill tail section. In interview, have feedback of vermicelli made from bean starch, buy a ticket to divide actually to come loose guest sheet is bought and the group is bought, both price differs not much, but because the person that the group is bought is measured big, can obtain so preferential anthology rights and interests, actually this is in star show and football view contest very common, because same the fan of a vermicelli made from bean starch of God or team wants to sit together, lock up calm seat ahead of schedule with respect to need. And this kind of practice also has particular risk, be just like disturbance of this THE9 concert return a ticket, medicinal powder it is easy instead that the guest adopts the platform that buy a ticket return a ticket, and with sponsor the vermicelli made from bean starch that just signs a group to buy an agreement to because give priority to,manage square fund however nervous and hard return a ticket. The personage inside course of study points out, come from some kind of meaning say, this kind of group is bought also is the behavior that vermicelli made from bean starch collects money, have certain risk sex among them, no matter be consumer,still sponsor square should reason and discretion are treated.

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