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Original title: Deng Chao People’s Daily writes civil: Deduce the story of the person that struggle attentively

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(origin: People’s Daily) the story that there is such surging forward with great momentum on Chinese earth, so much is full of glamour, fill affective reality person! This kind is true, bring boundless force for creation. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general in Chinese article couplet 11 big, China are made assist the serious talk on 10 big opening ceremonies, person of film of new to us era is tremendous encouragement. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general emphasizes: “Hope broad artist tells good China story forcibly with affection, develop authentic, lovely, respected China form to the world. ” in creating experience, I am experienced to this very deep. The times provided unprecedented capacious stage for progress of our country literary prosperity, the person that create needs to experience a period ceaselessly, the experience lives, know fresh person and thing. I am sent more in this one process feel, oneself are touched by the dramatic Chinese narrative in reality and figure figure place, place call. 2020, I participated in film of theme of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient ” I and my home town ” creation, be directed jointly and go out acted ” North Shaanxi piece ” ” the road of return to one’s native place ” unit. Initial stage is created in the play, I and Yu Bai Mei direct collect folk songs of thorough North Shaanxi, this one ” plunge into ” , as if one find out treasure. There is the story of such surging forward with great momentum on Chinese earth, so much is full of glamour, fill affective reality person! This kind is true, bring boundless force for creation. To new era actor, “Belief ” old age of root Yu Wei, “Specific ” the story that comes from the countless person that struggle. After collect folk songs ends, we create the image that gives hero tall woods very quickly, this part assemble the many actual figures that touch us deeply. Have on his body ” author of sanded ground apple ” Zhang Binggui’s shadow. The Qiao Shulin in the film wraps around to make barren sanded green, long piece ” Jin Guo fruit ” , encounter heavy difficulty, the Zhang Binggui in reality has gone through hardships, through 15 years plant experimentally and technology reform, let an apple cultivate large area to hang 2018 eventually if really, 300 mus low and few and far between ” old man forest ” barren Sha Liang transforms economic Lin Yuan. There is generation of North Shaanxi generation to study the reflection of sanded person on his body, we from ” July 1 decoration ” Guo Chengwang of the gainer Shi Guangyin, model that treat sand, whole nation treats the elder body such as sanded hero Niu Yuqin to go up, abstraction gives the character’s gritty perseverance — the life is by the side of desert, generation substitutes again the means such as the pane that plunge into grass, with the ambition of enormous courage, Gao Yuan, desert of white of black of the wool that finish changes the feat of oasis. He goes up to still have the sign of those teaching staffs that dedicate silently personally. When collect folk songs, the preceptress that we are raised to teach to Dashanli by is touched deeply. She is in respecting ” I am in this, cannot go ” when wept, for baby people, to leave generation, for home town, she chooses finally to stay. Later, we ask all these lovely, respected archetypal characters to come to the spot, gues-star film last play ” anniversary of the founding of a school of middle school of Sha Li channel ” , accept an audience to send together with the hero from the heart acclaim. I think, qiao Shulin is not a person, he is feat of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient in two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two arduous paid angel people, so he is having the dark power of root earth, this force also can deliver performer. Shape good China image, look even deeply to the history. The film ” King Kong plain ” tell about Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country to fight the beautiful aid face, old practice that defends the home to defend a country, tall blessing of company commander of dogface of my amid personate comes. Having the three unities is soldiers do not have the task, the scene is very quiet, gao Fulai double soon to ahead, he answers a body to look suddenly, the soldier of all over the mountains and plains, it is so young, so lovely. Young they leave home town, the back has travelling bag, taking finite firearms ammo, resolutely hurry off to battlefield. I realize soldier of people who volunteer to fight in another country also is the human body of the flesh and blood like us, for the motherland and people, change today’s happy life with blood. Their story, be worth us forever engrave, be worth us to had been told about with film writing. In this film, last groups of camera lens of Gao Fulai, it is the picture of by enemy bomb brave sacrifice. Good to deduce, play staff staff member dug a hole on the ground, bury my below half body inside. When be being buried into the hole, I see the bridge that dare to die guards that soldiers before have sth in mind, look at the soldiers of valiant in water battle, one instant, I am come to by tall blessing this one character took historical spot, become a true soldier from the heart. Can say, these most the real story of angel, become us to perform the mainest nutrient source. As an actor, director, should have finished great period to decorate us ” exercise ” , journey is boundless, struggle only. My general continues earth of take root China, create more to reveal Chinese aesthetic objective, transmission forcibly with affection the film work that collective value seeks complete mankind of sense of contemporary China value, report, had shaped fresh, vivid, stereo China image.

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