Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: New coronal of infection of diagnose of actor of silver of ASTRO member car is pneumonic and current already suspended all activities

20220319120353 6235c6a94b3d7

18 days, ASTRO government issues announcement, not long ago of actor of member car silver because the body is unwell and accept detect, was affected by diagnose today new coronal is pneumonic, other symptom is not had outside dividing slight cold symptom, at present he has suspended all activities, begin to reside the home to keep apart cure. The ASTRO that car silver actors or actress place is belonged to has had the person such as Yin Chanhe to affect new coronal early or late in combination pneumonic. <ASTRO government announcement is textual as follows>Everybody is good, here is Fantagio. Today (18 days of) , actor of silver of ASTRO member car because body state not beautiful undertook PCR detects, the result shows masculine gender, diagnose affects new coronal. Current, car silver actors or actress besides slight cold symptom, without other symptom, concentration energy undertakes cure and rehabilitation according to directive of new coronal epidemic prevention. Accordingly, car silver actor enters booked program very hard, after we can be in, decide to inform separately after actor activity time. Make a lot of people afraid, express regret greatly. I will manage henceforth also will put the health of actor and staff member in the first place, use up everything hard to help actor restore health as soon as possible. Thank everybody!

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