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Original title: ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” : Dilirebarenjialun deduces romantic Oriental love children’s stories Of cruel ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” leave eventually sowed, this I is ancient occasionally personage already open eightfold fast seek theatrical work, too impatient to wait wants to see the plot of a play from the back! This thinking is ” guardianship common people ” drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, what absolutely did not think of to be told about actually is drive spirit how does division cover a region foolish Bai Tian’s mermaid, let mermaid fall in love with his story step by step. Does the partner pass many discharge small unripe heat cling to does with Ren Jialun this the partner give effect performing Cp how?

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” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” gut is generalized simply rise even if one wants to break away from the drive clever division of 10 thousand Hua Gugu main control, go for recovery freedom covering person of a shark, let the other side drop into oneself to set the love trap below, and oneself another gave sincere love not carefully each other story. Dilireba is in drama the Ji Yunhe of drive clever division of personate has Yong Youmou, have an insight into popular feeling, apparently suffer Gu Zhuyi in 10 thousand beautiful cereal it seems that heavy scene is infinite, but actually she is cereal advocate take ” lash ” the tool person of own son, endure cereal even from time to time advocate cruel torture, suffering can’ts bear character. A bit with this true gut is not dilatory, do not have what of elaborate of too much setting, play of kiss of the 4th collect arranged face of long opinion of standing grain of cloud of record of the first volume directly emotional line rate of progress planned speed pull directly full not messy gets my heart very! Other drive clever division to finish Kpi exert all sorts of firm are enrolled, and our female advocate Ji Yunhe example takes feral shark person not to threaten torture, pure rely on to come to express sympathy and solicitude for, chat heart, this if it were not for eats him colour I am not believed. And our male advocate make auditive ยท long meaning smooth with a rake, be in one in succession tender ” big tail fish ” in fall into enemy hands, the look that squeezes tear assemble pearl to give Yun He desperately is lovely dead I like long idea very much really the sort of ” others is no good she is only OK ” simple kindness is concentrated, the sort of ” it is OK to feel me but can not feel others ” be proud charming jealous ~

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Gut abounded the associate with that has been built by brushstroke in origianl work, the love that also yields Ji Yunhe and long meaning by matting more complete, have the feeling of a kind of success will come when conditions are ripe. Look premonitory, renown occasion was come down by reservation, the 4 collect rhythm in front feels pretty good, very compact. Ost also has a characteristic very much, the feeling is Oriental really and epic, it is to have will weave according to gut, to crucial clue when the sort of great sense, the move that wrap hold something under the arm note shop front comes over to let person sense be the same as experience really. Actors acting is very outstanding, dilireba contributed another him Xuan Huanjiao’s lubricious Gao Guang again, ji Yunhe is a complex part really, of early days cool thin, right male advocate only ashamed regret feels, be willing to sacrifice for him to later period, the popular feeling that see is strange plaint, finally by captivity, life before long, special sigh letting a person. Snow ground runs away over there begin, hot cling to a Bai Yi, of stagger run on snow-field, asing if was to burn the end of life, have broken feeling very. Long meaning also is, from at the beginning pure, foolish Bai Tian, it is the divulge in true eyes is worn muddled, when looking, do not stop say, long meaning how so foolish is foolish, to later period abdomen black of the boreal condition of bully gas advocate, inverting is exceedingly big. Specially good effect is very great, looked to know specially good effect is very great really, if I am not carried, how can you see whole 10 thousand beautiful cereal are specially good effect, include the actor’s hand, makeup look, it is according to the dress is reasonable of the design every very joint! Expect from the back that play to the side of cliff, that is a when belong to Ji Yunhe very big Gaoguang hour, the hope can bring me bigger surprise!

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