Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Will after Xiao Zhanxin drama kills blueness, enter ” survive ” drama announce? This cake rational has according to, it is difficult to be not believed

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Xiao Zhan is in ” jade bone Yao ” there was a brand-new breakthrough in this drama, not only the image when great mind official this part is shaped lifelike, also be a kind of precipitation of pair of associate with course at the same time. In this part, we can see his more easy and composed acting probably, see his profundity to the part understands. If ” jade bone Yao ” after this drama kills blueness smoothly, how can be Xiao Zhan’s follow-up journey arranged? This lets the outside guess unceasingly. Many messages said recently, after Xiao Zhanxin drama kills blueness, will enter ” survive ” drama announce, can enter put together art and multinomial activity, and this cake rational that the outside gives out has according to, it is a bit difficult to be not believed.

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Have famous gain advocate hair message says: 2, Xiao Zhan won’t refuse ” happy base camp ” invite, this meeting is him a after disturbance of all previous classics returns brand-new put together art appears, and in earlier before ” happy base camp ” compere disregards where the wind and the waves are highest to be directly in the program Cue Xiao Zhan, this also is a kind of support;

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3, besides ” survive ” outside, xiao Zhan acts the leading role ” ace army ” this drama also is about to decide archives to broadcast, and be defended in Hunan inspect, accept so ” happy base camp ” invite also be in reason;

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Do not know these newses that where of this rich principal and subordinate is informed, what nevertheless a few look to go up with the platform before this really is various the message is very similar, for instance ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this drama is about to enter drama announce phase. Had had fact of testimony of a witness of the media inside the circle, this drama will broadcast August.

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Without giving thought to the message of the outside how, return dispute to often expect ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this drama can decide archives smoothly to broadcast, do not let an audience wait too long. In the meantime, no matter Xiao Zhan continues to enter a play staff to take sport or participate in commonweal transcribe, will blossom in brand-new domain glorious, all happiness are worth to expect. # Xiaozhan exceeds word #

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