Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Huang Jingyu new theatrical work ” fight a thief ” switch on the mobile phone, li Xuejian Ni is bright red assume personal command of bone of two old show

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This drama often makes fun of the partner bone Ni Dagong and Li Xuejian, battle array of this one brunt is illogical constant, ni Dagong and Li Xuejian are the old show bone with integral abundant actual strength completely;

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The setting sort of this play is very interesting also, not be normally in all seriousness punishment detect teleplay, it is comedy of a gut only piece, this differred immediately, the person that has fun at to punishment detect teleplay normally is very few, unless be,be case of that kind of big crime, the audience just can have fun at, but if pat gut comedy teleplay, that sth. worth seeing or reading came of course;

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Strode bone of old show of this one cooperation again nowadays now ” fight a thief ” , two are approbated famous the actor that has integral actual strength gives greatly he does the left and right sides to protect a law, want to come to this to make fun of to also affirm first-rate.

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So outstanding a playscript with stage directions and utility man, huang Jingyu serves as leading role ought to most be afraid of return ” the action that break ice ” condition, the actor with that full time is more high-energy completely take part in the match player, only he most pull hip; Await in those days ” broken ice ” when sowing, huang Jingyu shows delicate act to send an actor to be returned at the moment in a gang actual strength a bit insufficient, the various play that repair a look are over to explode, the audience chases after drama to scold him urgently; Then, huang Jingyu also alluded in the interview this problem, because often be scolded, accordingly he chooses to shut video barrage below the circumstance of go to the opera, must admit, this kind of mentation or it is quite pretty good.

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Although ” fight a thief ” did not have ” the action that break ice ” investment of so big project makes greatly, but the likelihood also is a good notebook H that takes sport, huang Jingyu from show level to open a few sowed drama to look, his performance does not have somebody eye of this shows rise, very possible question is not big below the case that takes green God theatrical work, but if answer this the name is really real artist, his show defect can be gotten by foil especially dash forward show. Be patted by powdery Jian in the airport for instance, huang Jingyu has a hand hold IPhone, but holding all the time however do not eat, later ” fight a thief ” after the government announces, powdery Jian people just mirror come back, should Huang Jingyu trains this one IPhone for character role.

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Probably each look normally behind character role, completely polish of actor intention burnish passes, mere each the individual’s gift and all previous classics are different, practical effect is distinct also; But even if again assiduous, the practical effect that if go,arrives or it is unqualified, that Zuo audience also won’t be thrown as a result of the investment of backside, because this actor is sure to go to achievement outstanding. Expect this ” fight a thief ” whether the practical effect that has had, show errant Huang Jingyu can be taken fly by old show bone.

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