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Original title: Discriminate passes: Discriminate 3 daughters ending how? Ling Xi becomes a monk or nun, her exit is unexpected Those who regard Gong Dou as drama is big female advocate, the lifetime of discriminate is exceeding also legend, no matter be her early days chooses to be not contended for,do not grab, after metaphase be in sb’s good graces disfavor, still be in the regain palace with strong later period, let an audience look with pleasure, and in drama, the enemy of affection love hate between king of county of discriminate and emperor, fruit also is special the window that attracts an audience. By discriminate place unripe children also became gut to set out accordingly the crucial place of the turn.

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3 daughters of discriminate are not little the audience may feel some are interrogative, discriminate gave birth to Long month and Ling Xi only obviously, the 3rd daughter that where comes, when in Shen Mei actually the village is about to die, discriminate accepted her entrust, should be kind to and take care of her daughter, namely static with the princess, so, discriminate altogether has 3 daughters to want to take care of.

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Ling Xi becomes a monk or nun, static peace is weak

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Static compare with princess and her, live more insipidly with perfect, after all 3 Gong Liu courtyards know static there is many to suffer before the emperor with the princess bestow favor on, and mother of an emperor discriminates still is her the friend with personal best mother. Static can be almost with the princess in palace sidle.

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But her nature indifferent to fame or benefit, the disposition with Shenyang eyebrow village is very similar, do not contend for do not grab, lovely and innocent, the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor because of this Gong Li people like her very much, although make the same score,her low-key style makes her lifetime insipid weak, but smooth and steady all the more also. Probably this ability is the desiderate with Shenyang eyebrow last bank, she does not need her daughter large fortune, be on life summit summit, want her to make the same score smooth An An only can. And in discriminate attend below, static live very happily really with the princess.

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