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Original title: Jin Dong is achieved formerly is a challenge, but this is melodrama ” the person that pretend ” import special report 6 years are lain between when, jin Dong again with ” the person that pretend ” appear in together together. But this ” the person that pretend ” it is a melodrama, and he himself also was had brand-new the identity — melodrama producer.

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Graduate of first melodrama undergraduate course and teleplay ” the person that pretend ” double identity of the main actor, for Jin Dong Bencijia enters melodrama ” the person that pretend ” the group is done sufficient matting. To Jin Dong, lie between when return to again for years ” the person that pretend ” , the mainest reason depends on melodrama this form. “The form of melodrama is this work most move my place. ” Jin Dong says frankly. This stems from its to be opposite for years not just the passion of melodrama, look in Jin Dong, melodrama and teleplay are in stylistic the difference with expressional formally is ” the person that pretend ” adapt the greatest difficulty, and also be these difficult place brought challenge makes him right this work more have fun at. Look in him, this second SMC ” the person that pretend ” an opportunity that also can regard homebred melodrama as, “In thought to have a lot of requirement oneself: Demand of the talent, ability that make, market on the foundation that wait, we hope to make an attempt, look whether ground of in one’s power ” the person that pretend ” the work with a qualification, satisfactory make it. ” he expresses at the same time, “Carry a such kind, I hope we can achieve melodrama to make a few contribution formerly for ours more or less. I hope we can achieve melodrama to make a few contribution formerly for ours more or less..

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Arrive from actor of movie and TV melodrama producer: “Everybody is true love to melodrama ” be in at first when receiving a project to invite, jin Dong also raised his question: Today ” the person that pretend ” what is this work moves scenic meaning and value? “You say to want ” the person that pretend ” put through a stage play is other perhaps, I also do not have just too large interest, I feel the sense is not great also. ” in the communication with SMC group, jin Dong found the solution gradually. “To why wanting to do a such theatrical work, their thinking is very clear. ” ” this times moves the person is not quite easy, saying is movie and TV Thespian melodrama, include to in actual life can be moved or move others, also be extremely not easy thing. ” Jin Dong expresses, and move the person is ” the person that pretend ” the advantage of this work. Look in him, no matter be the figure relationship of sister of brother of gules subject matter or the major idea that domestic national condition conceives, bright home, affection, it is ” the person that pretend ” the mainest reason that this play can be approbated by the audience at first. And in melodrama version, these are early the core content that has endured an audience to examine also will continue to move audience. But face the domestic melodrama industry that still does not calculate maturity, early days is anxious to this purpose also unavoidable. “Melodrama is in home is a very difficult issue all the time, it is OK to do, but it is too difficult to had been done, the melodrama that achieves formerly especially is more difficult. “Jin Dong plaints. “Melodrama is shirt-sleeve sing, dancing, performance still has Thespian structure at a suit, it is extremely tall to actor, made demand, want it what square field surface does is pretty good, this is a challenge. This is a challenge..

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Jin Dong is anxious at the beginning, achieve melodrama to be taken formerly do bad meeting to be denounced by too much person. But in be in and communicating a process of melodrama group ceaselessly, this kind gradually pare, change even for motivation and determination. From ” shadow of operatic evil spirit ” wait for original melodrama introduce, to ” not the night of Mian ” mainland is changed adapt, arrive again in recent years work of outstanding and gules subject matter is like pantomime ” never the electric wave of die ” roll out, SMGLive is in domestic melodrama industry, acting have a taste of what is just in season all the time, seek the role that change. Jin Dong also has been watched in Beijing on invitation before this ” never the electric wave of die ” show. “I feel to wait for many sided from the ability that make, condition, determination and ordinary members of theatrical troupe, we have all requirements that make an interesting show and base. ” such acknowledge, also make him decide to hold the position of the producer of this melodrama, “The situation that we understand both sides, it is whole melodrama past 229 years even the entire band such as talent of an accumulates person arteries and veins, melodrama, resource is together. It is whole melodrama past 229 years even the entire band such as talent of an accumulates person arteries and veins, melodrama, resource is together..

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It is very difficult to adapt ” the instant shakes ” it is melodrama the success of particular fascination teleplay is ” the person that pretend ” one of the largest dominant positions that reorganize as IP, dan Jin east clear, because art behaves form and narrative means to differ, ” the person that pretend ” should adapt melodrama to have very great difficulty. “But also because he is a thing that has difficulty, I feel ability is more interesting. I feel ability is more interesting..

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Behave the difference of formally in the light of art, melodrama ” the person that pretend ” the form that used trilogy, with younger brother of bright home sister 4 people give priority to VIP content, differentiate story whole it is 3 paragraphs. Will in September the first of premiere ” wish so that this height dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland ” the story line that what basically tell about is 2 people of Ming Cheng, bright building brother. “We want to follow the creation pattern of melodrama, do not go constrained say to whether want to be in teleplay of melodrama lieutenant general ” the person that pretend ” gut is generalized entirely come in. Both between it is different certainly. ” Jin Dong says. In addition, on the foundation of teleplay and origianl work, melodrama edition ” the person that pretend ” still will appear a lot of have not had appeared time outside gut. Nevertheless, jin Dong not because bead jade is advanced and teleplay edition is right,melodrama version feels anxious. But look in Jin Dong, more important is the glamour with distinctive melodrama. “Just is melodrama form of this kind of expression lets likely ” the person that pretend ” move toward disparate, the height that is teleplay place short of even. Melodrama has also is the most lovely dot greatly most, it always can bring you the shock of a lot of instants, this is melodrama is peculiar. This is melodrama is peculiar..

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Melodrama agrees with instantly times to be achieved formerly is moment ” melodrama this kind of form, I feel is to agree now a form of this times rhythm. I feel is to agree now a form of this times rhythm..

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In recent years the development of domestic melodrama industry and the promotion with cognitive audience, also make him confident to melodrama industry whole. “Everybody is right now the demand of the life has risen to mental level from corporeal life level. Playgoing thinks when I read an university previously but can not afford a ticket, but different now, and everybody is willing to feel true to significant, worthy thing spends money for oneself now. A when I feel this is today group resemble think. ” the market has demand, be short of good work. Below such environment, jin Dong thinks, domestic melodrama is after the development that experienced 229 years, arrived eventually now the turning point that open achieves formerly. Talent of young generation melodrama also gave Jin Dong not little hope. “A lot of younger than me generation are young perhaps the youth of one stubble, it is better that they have vigor, requirement more, and they also have wider outlook as a child, they know what this world produced, every different country puts the difference that what is to differ after all. ” look in him, acknowledge decides future. “We this generation person did more than 20 years this is professional, although slow but also turn an another play, so what we do not believe without reason they can be not done is better. ” ” carry a such kind, we hope to achieve melodrama to make a few contribution formerly to us more or less. ” Jin Dong says.

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