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Original title: Pig 8 give up already 73 years old, and ” goddess in the moon ” conjugal love is counted year, nowadays son also the career has

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Pig 8 give up already 73 years old, and ” goddess in the moon ” conjugal love is old, nowadays son also the career has! And we introduce to everybody today, pig the Ma Dehua of the person that act of 8 give up. He nowadays already 73 years old, love of conjugal love of favour of Dan Yuchang E is old, his son career has nowadays, the life lets a person very envy. Ma Dehua’s acting can say the show that is schoolbook edition. Between teleplay by the pig of his personate 8 give up are lifelike, he showed a pig not only of 8 give up greedy and randy, still let us feel pig 8 give up this part is too lovely really. And Ma Dehua can be joined at the outset act on the west travel notes, also be the talent that stresses because of him.

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Between real life, ma Dehua’s life is very happy also, can calculate going up is life wins the home. And between drama of movie and TV, pig 8 give up are an amorist, see the belle goes to be not moved, must eat a dot to have a deficit, ability realizes his error. Ma Dehua is born in old and well-known family of a businessman, it is typical rich home children. So as a child, he dotes on with respect to what got a lot of people, because of this nurturance very traitorous disposition. Father feels Ma Dehua goes down so is not what tweak, then served hill the child, let him go Xi Wu.

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Come so, exercised his disposition already, at the same time able-bodied also Ma Dehua’s physique, and after be brought up, he acts with respect to what began his art career. Although Ma Dehua is in on the west the pig is among travel notes 8 give up, but what we do not know is, he returns personate a few other parts, for example white hair monkey, robber, tian Pengyuan is handsome. But each part lets his show different feeling. Years is hasty nowadays, present Ma Dehua is early also not be the boy with that body strong strong once upon a time put oneself in another’s position, the Ma Dehua nowadays is 73 years old, he laughs very genially, look anility. But to him, 8 give up accomplished the pig oneself, but also became his body to go up to pick the label that does not drop forever.

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He also does not resemble 6 small age Tong Yi appearance is active all the time in the audience people among eye shot, explain recent situation through nearsightedness frequency and everybody from time to time. Nevertheless to everybody, ma Dehua’s life is successful and happy.

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It is among the world that recreational group always is metabolic multiterminal this, want to settle down and get on with one’s pursuit also be not is an easy thing truly. And remember to everybody most deep still is Ma Dehua honest and frank and kind disposition, total feeling is like is a pig 8 give up still are beside our, and the pig that he also was once upon a time 8 drop are same.

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