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Original title: Bully screen also the actor that fire does not rise, replace them really anxious A play broadcasts echo is good, the east wind that the actor can lend this play explodes rise to need support of the people of climate favourable geographical position to add lot again really, the quantity is much differrer had decided, high quality just is kingcraft. Zagulina plunged into Gu Lina to go up first half of the year 3 drama, a bit spray is done not have. ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” , ” 12 Tan ” , ” storm dance ” , arrive to black unreal from ancient costume contemporary outfit, gu Lina is plunged into can what Hold lives also is to have only colour, well it is much better that a girl is standing not to talk quietly, cannot look easily, so old, the acting that Gu Lina plunges into still is to progressed to be done not have really.

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Li Qin

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” maritime numerous flower ” gut also is not rot commonly, men and women advocate acquaintance arrives by the give tit for tat of personal enemy first start work move a scintilla is brushed to arrive between the foot be in love, this stalk follows ” fall in love with special type arms ” be exactly the same. What time, be afraid that the audience sees be bored with? Made triumphant Xu Kai sow 3 drama one after another, ” black horse song goes ” , ” dirt of of through the ages ” , ” when you smile very beautiful ” . Of a teleplay film how to say to also get 3 months, also take 4 sport one year, can broadcast first half of the year so 3 drama, had been bully screen.

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Most those who hold a hope is ” dirt of of through the ages ” , drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, big IP, top class make, return a partner rain of winter of the Later Zhou Dynasty of 3 gold shadow, this opportunity is exploded prelude to Xu Kai, result, accident ground quarrelling sound, “Lean colour ” value of Xu Kai colour gets assail, “Rely on to act ” Zhou Dongyu acting gets group of ridicule, limelight was grabbed by Ni of costar Zhang Jia and Liu Xueyi.

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Li Yitong Li Yitong is performing art circle to resemble a magical existence, those who act is basic it is female one, of the partner basic it is to become energy of life of a favourite by sb in power is little unripe, return special high production, resource is good to be no good. But of cautious and conscientious ” model worker ” the algidity that also does not build a body to go up, go out to be in all the time for years not lukewarm not igneous condition, exert all his strength to also be held in both hands again not fire. Sowed 2 drama first half of the year, ” black horse song goes ” and ” your times my times ” . ” black horse song goes ” attack had said above the street, evaluating difference is should. ” your times my times ” it is play of phenomenal class idol ” dear has deep love for ” sister piece, male advocate it is Hu Yitian, still Yang Zi follows plum gues-star now, much better congenital condition, just did not maintain.

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Li Yitong Yan Zhi is possible still, acting is OK still also, giving a circle to also do not know is what reason. ” your times my times ” in that play of big ending wedding can show just a little probably, same bridal scene, pull a hand likewise to enter a hall, yang Zi plum is looked at now allow the raise on person corners of the mouth, what interactive small eyes excessive comes out is sweet. Under photograph comparing, of Li Yitong Hu Yitian sweet more resembling is industrial saccharin, the trace that act is some heavier.

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Actors should pick a play well really, grind acting well, receive show cautiously, do not put idea on data, discharge. # makes triumphant #

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