Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Zhao Benshan eye is true ” poison ” !

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The work that Zhao Benshan takes seriously most now should be the teleplay of rustic love series, although say this teleplay arrives,also had been ten now, but he still is in piece newest. This teleplay also calculates be very classical, important is the story in drama, still have a person special ground connection is angry, what also can arouse many people is resonant. After all a lot of people still live in the country as a child now, look at the trifles bagatelle between those neighborhood in drama, also can arouse the memory of a lot of people.

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Ge Shanshan is shown quite in the appearance of an actor in this teleplay old, and make up through specially good effect in drama, give her tall Yan Zhi completely obscured. But she in real life still is very young actually, and what the skin maintains is very good, look tender can clutch gives water to come.

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What should say next is a very young actor, she is Feng Xi, what a lot of people do not know she is Zhao Benshan actually is prentice. No matter she is Yan Zhi or figure it is very perfect, also be more conspicuous in drama of Zhao Benshan all journey, encircle in recreation with respect to the Yanzhi with her and figure have opponent hard also. It is too good to must say Zhao Benshan’s vision is real, these actors that he chooses’ true Jing letting a person is colourful.

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