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Original title: Come hag dining room: Song Zhixiao is reincarnate beautiful colourful hag, force with cate a cormorant sex Mention Song Zhixiao, what everybody may think of above all is her be ” RunningMan ” MC, but the identity besides compere, she still is actor, work includes ” female talk high quite 3: Vulpine a flight of stairs ” , ” palace ” , ” frostwork inn ” , ” rank uncle ” , ” new world ” , ” before cummer club ” wait.

20220319120735 6235c7879f408

” RunningMan ” weekly first phase, probably absolutely, although Song Zhixiao has almost every year,a film is shown, but the audience is deeper to her impression still is MC. The capacity that perhaps leaves an actor in the Song Zhixiao in audience heart is further and further, but she still did not abandon taking sport.

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See the word of story outline only, ” come hag dining room ” the story that tell is not original, be like ” 8 pawnshop ” , so, want an old bottle to put on new idea, advocate achieve people need to just go doubly attentively. Mix with respect to prevue at present commentate in light of the stage photo that go out, ” come hag dining room ” taking change this one is really special and delicate, drama just made public Song Zhixiao’s superb hag modelling drawing to cause many discussion before.

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Additional, with general Han drama ” the edge sows an edge to pat ” film means differs, what this drama uses is ” beforehand is made ” mode, regard unreal of a demon as the drama of subject matter, many places want to add specially good effect, drama just chooses such means most propbably to make fluctuation in later period many kongfu. Tong Xing gives the Na Zhixuan spot of the path to be spoken highly of by director Su Zaixian, she is in drama personate ” Zheng Zhen ” one horn, one has considered the person of ordinary life only originally, change because of meeting Zhao Xi collect however. The director states the difficulty of this part is very tall, special requested Na Zhixuan to go out act. As 95 hind, na Zhixuan although age is not old, but contributed in drama of of all kinds subject matter in recent years not the acting of common, have ” do not have the limit (part) digestible energy force ” beautiful praise.

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The near future is elected for ” most suffer fix eyes upon one of nova ” Cai Zhong Xie, in servitor of dining room of the personate in drama ” Li Jiyong ” , he comes to hag dining room when seek the solution of life and hesitating, the destiny follows make a radical change. Cai Zhong Xie states fine actor is too much in drama, oneself not dare with main actor pose as. Additional, dog blood theatrical work is insulted in the person ” attic ” in Ma Dou of teacher of careless vocal music of personate the top of a wall base wadi authority also attended a news briefing, his mysterious patron in dining room of hag of the personate in drama ” Wu Dai is expressed ” . From the point of prevue, although have only short one bell, but the expression of actors is worth to expect really. Especially Song Zhixiao changes before the big female figure of funeral of the funeral in drama, fu of reincarnate beauty colourful poison, “By the person of my kill but more than 9 ” , gas field two meters 8. Nevertheless, the picture that from inside prevue one shines and passes is knowable, the Zhao Xi of personate of filial piety of wisdom of the Song Dynasty collect be not is cold-blooded hag at the beginning, all sorts of cause still remain after drama is sowed, ability is announced. Before Song Zhixiao’s drama is not lukewarm not of fire, hope this she can fire one.

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