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Original title: The spring of love comes eventually! ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” gather together Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, won’t make you disappointed absolutely! ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” in, have meet by chance, also have jubilate enemy, very may much person will be interrogative: is this ” jubilate enemy ” indescribable the story that love each other?

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Fortunately, in the course a series of conflict and dramatic later, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” showing the true side besides part label one by one. Accompanying love to appear together, have the acting border concern that moves toward understanding from misunderstanding already, what also have leading role is mutual save atone for and ego to pursue, still have the mind that the friend’s warmth is accompanied beside them and pursues a dream bravely.

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In this process, everybody is in it is better to become oneself. Growing is the life proposition that belongs to content of characters in a play not only, also let an audience be found slowly from be in harmony and the method that grow. ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” it is not just sweet drama, also be a warm drama, it is a market of drama of the whole family that can view together with family more. Love, result from cure what with understanding story always should one is full of coincidence, brawl and misunderstanding to begin each other. To avoid father ” catch active ” , lin Zhi school hides in bar middle east Tibet, dash against cool alienated considers the Kingdom of Wei, two people one character shoulds not conflict does not fall, part on bad terms. After the meet again in the hospital, following one by one misunderstanding is the relation one disaster after another that lets them more. Lin Zhi proofreads this chill callosity ” Adonis ” the doctor was full of animosity and suspicion, and because,consider Wei Ye of Lin Zhi school obtrusive be born with gossip heart vinegary, have the meaning of one can’t avoid one’s enemy quite.

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Nevertheless, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” did not allow leading role of male and female so quickly ” fall in love with ” , begin slow offal step however, let an audience be able to be in the gas mouth of the life, search 2 people to concern the thing of deeper administrative levels. Lin Zhi school is cello of angle of of one mind the graduate that the hand dreams, encounter in the crucial period of life family weighs ill sad news of the death however; Gu Wei is excellent, future is like major bright and beautiful young doctor, because fail to help next teacher and animal farm,remorse at ashamed however, cannot take scalpel.

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The destiny lets two youths experience pain, also evoke the life of 2 people closely even. The illness because of father and Gu Wei approach Lin Zhi officer gradually. The sunshine happy impressions of Lin Zhi school caught Gu Wei. In encounter in the bosom friend’s process, below the help of the school that visits Wei Zailin, searched to take the courage of scalpel afresh eventually. An operation helped Lin Zhi officer already, also make the recovery that consider the Kingdom of Wei self-confident. Love each other to had not show clue, but save the atone for, experience that grows jointly to had built bridge of the affective since compose between 2 people each other. The rhythm loving each other of two people is slow, before the other shore that reachs love, choose of two person selected faces the ache in the life jointly, finished ego grow, the impure also angle to the dream. The place in drama of no less than says, “Best love is it is better to become oneself. ” close affection, do not have the to kissing affection meticulous book in seam course theatrical work to write with love, the figure that gives priority to horn not only offerred logistic fulcrum, lin Jiaxiang is the epitome of family of traditional China type, severe father, included mother lets us be like ever was acquainted.

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They resemble the life medium we are same, in ” expression loves ” on this thing often discursive. Reach by the watch in drama in, vivid ground is reductive between two acting people the affection of amlposition and awakward expression, also as Lin Fu illness erupt poke all misunderstanding and stubborn, the care of the day after day before sickbed and expect, it is the final result about family member, family.

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Be in those who brim over with sweet romance ” sweet drama ” with what output acerb topic ” bright drama ” between, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” found a kind of appropriate new solution it seems that, return to the logic of the story, return to the sincerity of the part, return to affective essence.

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Name of drama of no less than is same, this drama does not walk along snack type to spread out, was full of warmth instead 4 excessive and economize to avoid running short, also give an audience people take the space that has more aftertaste.

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