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Original title: ” between the world ” the Sun Xiaoning final result in origianl work is more miserable ” between the world ” already big ending, in gut, zhou Bingkun goes to war industry factory looking for his elder brother to ask Zhou Nan’s thing, the result went as it happens catchs up with the worker below Zhou Bingyi to binding pack of dynamite to want to commit suicide, the result runs over to help his elder brother, be given to be done by dynamite, be in a hospital be in hospital when, sun Xiaoning goes seeing him, the said to pile Zheng Juan to Sun Xiaoning a good word of Zhou Bingkun make oblique references, also can be Zheng Juan the importance to Zhou Jia, purpose actually very clear, also be rejected Sun Xiaoning directly, in the word that says to Zheng Juan from Sun Xiaoning’s expression and her, also can know Sun Xiaoning understood she and Zhou Bingkun are impossible to be together, also be shrink back from difficulties wow.

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The Sun Xiaoning in teleplay acted small the part of 3, can saying is to love and fling caution to the winds it may not be a bad idea, but she likes Zhou Bingkun and still want to marry him, knew perfectly well Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan to had married below 10 old circumstances, sun Xiaoning is returned dare so do, namely dye-in-the-wood small 3, this part lets a person be fed up with a bit, but it is exceedingly miserable that the end of the Sun Xiaoning in origianl work can say, make a person regretful exceedingly.

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The Sun Xiaoning in origianl work is the nurse that a cure graduates only, because the times at that time is catching up with educated youth of large quantities of go to the countryside to return a city, obtain employment should arrange educated youth above all, it is very difficult to bring about Sun Xiaoning obtain employment, but the south at that time, especially Shenzhen has begun reforming and opening, so Sun Xiaoning disregards family to objected a person going to Shenzhen, sun Xiaoning went to Shenzhen the place with this individual not ripe virgin soil, gradually lost oneself, later should be those who did KTV accompany wine daughter, passed a few years later, wait for her to return northeast again this land, return smooth word piece when, had affected HIV, for the face of family, after leaving a writings of an author now dead, jump river, the capital that join dead body did not stay. This is the ending of the Sun Xiaoning in origianl work.

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Compare teleplay, the final result of the Sun Xiaoning in origianl work is more miserable intense, but this also was mirrorred northeast at that time the real current situation of large quantities of youth waiting for employment, a girl does not have taller record of formal schooling, a person goes entering swing Shenzhen, went to Shenzhen at a draught this the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations, do not lose ego very hard.

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