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Original title: Teleplay version ” between the world ” the largest a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting gives beautification this two people namely Direct by Li Lu, the time of the main actor such as thunder favorable reply, Yan Tao, Song Jia, Xin Baiqing makes fun of greatly ” between the world ” heat is sowed, once broadcast,suffer fully reputably, the grading on fabaceous valve is as high as 8.1 minutes. This teleplay adapts the homonymic novel that writes to Liang Xiaosheng, main with northeast city of some provincial capital (Harbin should be in the novel, teleplay is auspicious spring city) children of a Zhou Jiasan, especially old 3 life contrail of Zhou Bingkun, and the life destiny of friends of Zhou Bingkun’s circumjacent a few civilian children is clew, around the Spring Festival position of party of convivial, family, major event is total piece, the 21 centuries after from 20 centuries 70 time keep reforming and opening 10 time, much angle, much azimuth, mutiple level ground depict the enormous changes of Chinese society and the free and easy that common people lives rise and fall.

20220319120927 6235c7f79aa40

” between the world ” stage photo teleplay ” between the world ” already big ending, gut can say is to be able to be encircled can nod, but the largest a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting that I think gut is adapted is a Luo Shibin and Feng Huacheng these two characters give beautification. We first for Luo Shibin, in teleplay, luo Shibin this part goes out by well-known actress at shake act, the acting that can say Mr. Yu Zhen is to be able to say nothing really, today, we do not discuss an actor, discuss Luo Shibin only this part. In origianl work, zhou Bingkun is not to know Luo Shibin all the time of this name, because he sees Luo Shibin for the first time, because Luo Shibin was worn ” cotton monkey ” coat, so Zhou Bingkun all the time he is appellation ” cotton monkey ” , appellation water do as one pleases is ” gimp ” . In origianl work ” cotton monkey ” and ” gimp ” still have Tu Zijiang, they are A city ” 9 tigers 13 eagles ” medium member, spoken parts in an opera the gang of rogue of male and female that is now just, beginning with teleplay in same, because ” strong child ” after be being shot, they entrust Zhou Bingkun to send money, was become by the definition later ” play the market ” element by coop jail.

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Cotton monkey and gimp from after be released from prison, life contrail of Luo Shibin is as different as origianl work, he also is poineering success in origianl work, but not be to be in Shenzhen, be in A city however, the place that he writes actually in origianl work is very few, just went accidentally in Zhou Bingkun the bookshop that water do as one pleases opens when, water do as one pleases said Luo Shibin’s condition to him, and tell Zhou Bingkun, luo Shibin should identify Hui Nannan, let Zhou Bingkun ready-made. In origianl work such saying of water take its natural course: “Before my put in prison, besides you, had not contacted a good person. You are an exception, it is exceptional to me not only, to us that group of person is exceptional. I also should thoroughly |reform oneself do good person, so I just should tell you a few things, exhort you a few words, understanding? ” he told Zhou Bingkun Tu Zhijiang is to be treated unjustly, true bloodguilty is Luo Shibin, because this water take its natural course is proper,also mix bounds of Luo Shibin make a clear distinction.

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Luo Shibin says so, luo Shibin is a murderer, still be a rapist, if such person still does not calculate hellion, that what kind of talent is hellion? And in teleplay version, luo Shibin was become by beautification is the forerunner in a reforming and opening, and say to the person for many times: “I am not a hellion ” , still can letting Nan Nan also speak his unlike actually is a hellion such word. Perhaps the director wants to convey the contrast of a north and southern reforming and opening more, gift is so great the addition of length show share of Luo Shibin. But such adapting for me what love origianl work greatly to, accept hard really, because be in my world, it is good very, bad it is bad, give a murderer, rapist so wash the businessman that Baicheng succeeds, say to be illogical a bit, besides, because,the matter that Luo Shibin considers to identify Hui Nannan to have one share is he cannot again parturient, because saw Nan Nan and Tan Lian love,his actually real purpose is more, such he can go up to concern with Zhou Jiagua, draw near went up Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Rong and the character such as Cai Xiaoguang, go up in bazaar to him so more advantageous just.

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Zhou Nan

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says Feng Huacheng again next, be what to say is give beautification him, because the Feng Huacheng in teleplay also is a broken bits male, off the rails, cast wife abandon child, but can saying playwrite is the biggest really become Fenghua on degree this part gives beautification, after the Feng in origianl work changes Cheng Yiping to return Beijing instead, he thinks he wants to plan to fill the time that he loses then, so he is first with ex-wife apparently severed, it is ceaseless do with all sorts of young woman chaos, in Beijing when had divorced with Zhou Rong, and the Feng Huacheng in teleplay just is mixed a Wang Zi is off the rails, and still leave Beijing for Zhou Rong come to Ji Chun this small town, sensory resembling was to abandon all, if had not seen origianl work, still thinking is Zhou Rong to what oppress, what say playwrite is true so is to give Feng Huacheng to wash white many.

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Feng Huacheng teleplay so adapt, beautification of this two people while, also be a water do as one pleases, Zhou Rong, Cai Xiaoguang actually the ray of conformal color gives masked many, see a lot of people are saying Zhou Rong is selfish, it is a center with ego, had seen origianl work actually just can understand Zhou Rong this part, the Zhou Rong of the wording and purpose of what one writes of Mr. Liang Xiaosheng is a beauty, easy, a clever, person that make a prompt decision, she is OK can divorce immediately after seeing Feng Huacheng is off the rails, absolutely not messy; Also can be in the family says because of she sees mom and Uncle Cai kiss on meal of the eve of the lunar New Year and after coming home, mix immediately Cai Xiaoguang marrier, also can be in after knowing and Nan Nan Tan Lian love immediately interceptor, in a person went she can put down France the person that everything domestic goes to looking for a daughter. is not an audience people that each illicit that see, person that is a center with ego.

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