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Original title: ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” 3 adapt greatly fetching gasp in admiration, lin Zhi school is stronger, gu Wei more ground connection is angry Teleplay ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , modern city cures affection drama, yang Zi, Xiao Zhan presents as leading role to act the leading role, acute of Chen of nimble of change of Di Zi road, horse, Li Mu, Li Yun, Zhang Yu is strange wait for combination to deduce. It is big that this drama told about music school of 3 students Lin Zhi falls ill because of father be in hospital, with father advocate the story that knife doctor Gu Wei meets unexpectedly and loves each other. 20220319121057 6235c8516f80a ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” adapt from ” the report that writes a doctor ” , compare with origianl work photograph, drama edition is adapted very big. Actually, work of any a literature want to move stage, no matter be modern drama arena, still be arena of drama of movie and TV, need to undertake adapting. Present a form artisticly to differ because of two kinds, expressional form also is put in difference, do not adapt cannot undertake appearing better. Say commonly, adapted final result basically has 3 kinds, one kind is being adapted is better than origianl work, your person gasps in admiration, for instance ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” ; A kind reductive to origianl work degree tall, also make a person gasp in admiration, for instance ” Chen Qing makes ” ; A kind those who adapt is farfetched, good without origianl work, your person spits groove, for instance ” meet season ” . 20220319121058 6235c85205965 Origianl work ” the report that writes a doctor ” , it is diary system, snout of the first person, resemble running water Zhang a bit, the structure is inattentive, have the psychological activity picture of school of many Lin Zhi. Doctor Gu Wei also is to be in alive female advocate the wording and purpose of what one writes, male advocate through female advocate the perspective will appear, connect a few lesser feel fully. The story of origianl work does not have intense conflict, no matter be of 2 people individual,grow, the love that still is 2 people makes progress, it is whole fluent, have occasionally labyrinthian, rise and fall not quite. 20220319121059 6235c853eaf1b Such rhythm, the character is still acceptability, because some link are OK skip, the link of some psychology depict can imagine, but if adapt play of movie and TV according to such rhythm, masses eating melon people estimation is looked at look at was asleep. In know I to look curtilage, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” 3 adapt greatly fetching gasp in admiration! The Lin Zhi school in drama is stronger, the Gu Wei in drama has smoke internal heat more, more ground connection is angry. 20220319121100 6235c85450b21 Adapt one, to Lin Zhi the person of school sets those who undertook the disposition of school had fixed rate adjustment pair of Lin Zhi to adjust. The school of origianl work middle forest is good suitable obedient, disposition is optimistic, talking humour, very warm very sweet, but such nature comes into being big contradictory conflict very hard with the person, go against drama edition develop technique, also cannot attract masses eating melon better people. Drama edition take out a few effeminate temperament on body of Lin Zhi school, increased big female advocate temperamental, let her already soft in the belt is firm, firm in the belt is firm. Such ability and adversary part produce strong Thespian conflict result, ability lets affection story produce extremely powerful Thespian pulling force, ability more the benefit progress at the story and development. 20220319121100 6235c854d5c88 Adjust to what the major of Lin Zhi school had fixed rate. The school of origianl work middle forest is great the student with 4 professional geology, the school of drama edition middle forest is great 3 music tie cello hand, such adapting have two auspicious place. It is more can dash forward show visual result, in origianl work and drama edition, considering Wei Dou is M.d. , having strong scroll energy of life. If Lin Zhi school is the student of geological major, 2 people have scholastic energy of life, general character is too strong, go against a vision to reveal. Instead cello hand, camera lens language is more rich change, visual concussion feels more shock. 2 be, come compared with geological major, masses eating melon people mix to a few music apparently Great Master of a few music more can familiar to the ear can detailed, the familiar feeling of certain level adds the new move of certain level, just can arouse masses eating melon very more people the desire that seeks theatrical work. 20220319121101 6235c85563071 Adapt 2, the Gu Wei in undertaking adjustment origianl work to considering the person of the Kingdom of Wei to set lives in the wording and purpose of what one writes of Lin Zhi school, xi Shi goes out in lover eye, in eye of Lin Zhi school, gu Wei is perfect, very big to her growing help. But the person does not have perfect man, everybody has the space that grow, everybody has flimsy when. The Gu Wei in drama edition appears more animatedly before us, have his psychological activity, masses eating melon people adopt sacred perspective, have more feel fully. The Gu Wei of drama edition more ground connection is angry, he is an Everyman, but he is an outstanding Everyman, he has the feeling of Everyman, of Everyman flimsy, the failure of Everyman and setback, also can be in failure is medium, ceaseless in the setback grow. 20220319121103 6235c85760bf0 In drama edition, male client the Kingdom of Wei and female advocate Lin Zhi school is helped each other, grow jointly, ability can produce the collision on the soul better, ability promotes each other feeling better. The Gu Wei in drama edition experienced the failure of the operation, produced psychological shadow, in Lin Zhi the help of school falls, walked out of the past slowly, be in the place that once fell strongly conquer ego, climbed bravely, became more powerful oneself. 20220319121103 6235c857ea413 Adapt 3, set to costar person undertook adjustment, the time that the Gu Xiao in increasing origianl work of deputy line CP comes on the stage is not much, perhaps also say, he came on the stage a lot of times, just did not appear in the wording and purpose of what one writes of Lin Zhi school, the boudoir of the school that visits Xiao Helin is sweet 33 not much also be mixed. Drama edition adapted pair of costar people to set undertook adjustment, added Gu Xiao and the CP deputy line of 33. 20220319121104 6235c85823a7f Such adapting increased Thespian conflict sex, the human concern net that lets Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei is more rich not onefold, at the same time Gu Xiao and the existence of 33 also can promote the development of story clue better, make sex of story arrangement of ideas strong, richer and full. Must tell in a wretched state of course, rich 2 generation strike up a conversation belle, this person is set, this bridge paragraph some setter, dog blood some. Set nevertheless return set, some eat melon masses to slant the preference eats this one, love eats this one. 20220319121104 6235c8584f340 ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” still a few is adapt otherly, if rhythm of as before thing is more lively, domestic concern is more real ground connection is angry; Still have fatherhood of Lin Zhi school from advanced the middle school dean that politics work division changed severity; The illness also had fixed rate adapt etc. Such adapting let a story have reliability more, have more but deliberate sex. 20220319121104 6235c8587ab1c Of course, ” the report that writes a doctor ” of the story advocate frame, thematic still be in, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” just did below big frame adjust moderately, but such adapting story sex is stronger, conflict is more apparent, the labyrinthian rate of the story is older, can shape character image better, can arouse masses eating melon more people audience desire. Such adapting, a word, assist!

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