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Original title: ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” broadcast a quantity to defeat 800 million, 5 days 7 champion, result of faint of this 4 big minor role comes Wei ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” just leave sowed 5 days to obtain the exceedingly good result with unavailable complete works of a lot of teleplay, sow 5 days to broadcast a quantity to be broken through 800 million force continuously 900 million, the behead between 5 climate won 7 championship, it is respectively: Sow coronal of day of heat of 4 coronal of day of to the limit of one’s capacity, cat eye 3 times.

20220319121227 6235c8abd6c37

Can obtain so outstanding result, besides two leading role, the 4 big minor role in drama also are take credit to oneself to Wei, they come on the stage create the person, of everybody come on the stage the picture can include a name appearance almost, can let an audience very strong generation is entered felt, couplet thinks of the life setting that he is experienced and sees.

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Young fellow worker of enthusiastic the Eight Diagrams: An aunt mixes Doctor Xiaodu enthusiasticly consider doctor engage in small talk, want to introduce oneself daughter to visit a doctor, visit a doctor one face stands embarrassedly in place, doctor Xiaodu starts to talk immediately rescue sb from a siege, express to consider a doctor to had had a girlfriend, speak out even girlfriend name even. Nevertheless the aunt still nots comply not forgive, consider a doctor to was forced to give him unit telephone call, dismissed after the family member, camera lens turns, doctor Xiaodu begins again and other female nurse placed the Eight Diagrams that visits a doctor, continue to visit a doctor ” arrangement ” girlfriend.

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Two party estimation does not know they had been friends of male and female, doctor Xiaodu comes on the stage a few words showed the attribute of enthusiastic the Eight Diagrams, the person establishs a horse to stand. The person of the Eight Diagrams is obviously very be fed up with, why is Doctor Xiaodu denounced quite however be fond of? Because we do not like ourselves by the Eight Diagrams, always can like to listen to the Eight Diagrams of others, the Eight Diagrams of Doctor Xiaodu is come from at enthusiastic.

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The friend of self-confident warmth: Xiao Shan ” become particularly beautiful ” , ” we grow beautifully, what be afraid of ” , xiao Shan comes on the stage is the hug that meets again after a long separation with Lin Zhi school, a few words can see Xiao Shan is a self-confident and easy person, also be a very warm and close good friend. The color that sees the friend dresses up and the room that are about to enter not quite build, xiao Shan changes immediately body modelling division and friend of makeup girl help arrange makeup look, the boldness that makes up in the street is enraged with brave, let a person admire really.

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This setting makes little picture special era is entered feeling, before paragraph time and college friend meet, everybody besmeared at that time lipstick, only little picture does not have besmear, boudoir honey also takes a lipstick to give me besmear on the ave immediately, inner OS is at that time: Anyway nobody knows me. Have a such friends that can be your give advice, very happy really, of course besides warmth, each other caustic also is little not, when seeing Lin Fu will seek Lin Zhi officer, immediately disappear mishap person, caustic friend two words also are deductive incisively and vividly.

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Severity the father of doting child: Director Lin Director Lin comes on the stage even if fretted in the home ground is to-and-fro, look even if wear in insecurity and concern what, this moment aside the wife started to talk, we just know this is the father of an afraid child. Put in machine of the mechanism that add a hand ‘s charge late, make father nervous unceasingly, turn over a friend to encircle the place that sees a daughter, immediately quarrelsome head for go taking a daughter to come home, come to bar doorway, director Lin sees other gassed girl is more afraid, too impatient to wait wants to find a daughter quickly.

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After finding a daughter, lin Zhi school is lending wine strong boost one’s courage, pulling the Gu Wei that does not know to want to enrage old father, did not think of to consider Wei Si to cooperate none, example of Lin Zhi school. Originally this moment returns the father daughter of at swords’ points to concerned to become united front suddenly, father daughter two people scolded Gu Wei one sentence, director Lin severity the father figure fictile of doting child is not haunt.

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Play essence mom: What Ms. Li answers husband from calm at the beginning ground is fretted, perform in hospital stair to later cry the 2 shows that make, at that time father daughter two cheat not dare utter sth, deal with is in father daughter two play essence mom also is special upstage. Because be in,bar and the unpleasantness that consider the Kingdom of Wei encounter, make father female two pairs of Gu Wei produced bias, did not think of lot is too clever, gu Wei became Lin Fu’s doctor in charge of a case, father daughter two be troubled by do not believe Gu Wei, make mom very awkward.

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Had Ms. Li to do not have domestic position in corridor him complain tearfully then, the two words that do not say oneself should answer father daughter the setting of the thing, ms. Li cries, father daughter two immediately darling and obedient artificial, position of Ms. Li family take held. Ms. Li with soft make hard, look be like be affectedly bashful, actually is taken hold, with soft make firm, the family that such one character disagreement make fun of with respect to violent wind is too happy really, does so amused family concern did you love? So lovely mom, does your home have be the same as a paragraph?

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These 4 characters of costar personate, it is almost the person of actual existence is met beside every audience, the part that the outstanding acting of actors allows them comes on the stage can walk along popular feeling, all sorts of renown scene that they experience also are most person’s real life experience, make as dry as a chip life originally a lot of more gout, invite an audience can very good in all affection.

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A teleplay can get an audience love, leading role is very important, costar also result cannot do not have, this drama just leaves sow 2 days to be able to obtain beautiful accomplishment, the actor’s option is very important, not only what two leading role choose is very good, a few costar are very outstanding also, they are paid jointly made this outstanding work.

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