Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Senior actor announces euthanasia On March 18, the intermediary outside occupying reports, de Long of A orchid · decides actor of 86 years old of France to end life according to his apiration. His son Anthony sufferred recently when visitting, disclose, his father has decided to carry out euthanasia in Switzerland, this one decision also got children people support. De Long of A orchid · is familiar to the ear to audience of older generation China can detailed, its cheat face a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” assist collect ” figure is in Chinese audience is famous absolutely. The act person of assist collect, it is De Long of A orchid · , this ever is known as the whole world one of the most beautiful male stars French actor.

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This artist says when accepting local TV to interview: “Begin from a certain age, begin from a certain hour, a person has authority to leave quietly… ” Delong of A orchid · admits he has established next wills, so that accede bequest.

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Audience of 70 million China walks into a cinema to although ginseng of dragon of heart of A orchid · performed tens of ministry films,see assist collect, but in Chinese home most of fire, still film 1975, the motion picture of law meaning in harmony that showed 1978 ” assist collect ” . De Long of A orchid · is in piece in acted a fencing tall absolutely, brilliant and cheesy, the figure of the unconscious face master of be apt to of punish evil raise. This gut is simpler, good and evil is trenchant. Showed this 1978, it is one of western movies that the first batch of chinese mainland be introducinged broadcast, the Chinese audience that has more than 70 million according to statistic has watched this, this number is in the China at that time is a huge number absolutely. This part is in assist collect China is such thorough popular feeling, so that his dub actor Tong Zirong also is walked into from the behind the curtain downstage, become in those days most suffer the masses to chase after one of dub actors that hold in both hands. At this late hour, the domain waits in children toy, dress, animation, book, have as before ” assist collect ” form.

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Origin: The editor such as upriver news, small gain: Zhao Jin | Chief editor: Wen Qi, Li Ling reads and edit: Liao Shouxi | Supervise the manufacture of: Li Peng is newest announcement! These area of short duration are not opened noisy on hot search! Is dish a kind of sedge Hubei special local product after all? Reporter seek by inquiry seeks testimony… Wuhan a batch of new parks be about to finishing! Are there you near the home? These units are enrolling Hubei the person is newest! Hubei saved new coronal on March 18 classics of Hubei of oriental cherry season inspected condition of pneumonic epidemic situation in March initiate whole town to search ” goddess of the most beautiful oriental cherry ” the most beautiful oriental cherry that the activity invites sincerely each goddess to share his is illuminated sign up participate in still can win surprise large award to click a picture to be able to know a detail ▼

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