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Original title: ” adieu, teenager ” why is that girl killed? The film ” adieu, teenager ” medium girl is killed to because the girl is in,be with black eldest child ” big Liu ” when trading, both sides produced the issue on a few utterance or limbs, bring about big Liu passion to commit murder. From big Liu flurried after homicide expression can decide, the issue that the girl is reduced is simple belonging to is accident, except in addition film did not explain more specific homicide reason.

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One, film brief introduction ” adieu, teenager ” it is by the director abundant is like Xin hold guide, by the actor Zhang Zifeng reachs what Zhang You grand acts the leading role to grow with youth the film that gives priority to a problem, the Zun Chong in the process that film grows with telling about a teenager to be in is right dash forward when be given priority to suddenly by a criminal case of be involved in line, those who show a youth is confused, disturbed, hesitation and any likelihoods that lead to blunder possibly not carefully, it is a motion picture that provides educational sense quite substantially, but because gut is insufficient clear, the part is modelled be highlighted not quite and was hit by the audience inferior mark.

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2, gut introduction Li Fei is some tall the best of its kind of one class is strange, original very distain with bad children contact with, but she still is unable to bear or endure oneself curiosity was accepted ” bad boy ” the request of Zhang Chen grand, promise to help him make up a missed lesson, improve result in order to change a destiny. Two people get along quite well originally, if the achievement of Zhang Chen grand wishs one class is in one class progress, one day the teacher cancelled Li Fei’s exchange suddenly to give birth to a qualification, reason is she and as mix the Zhang Chen grand that mix to go too nearly (do not spit groove loop of this kind of unscientific head) , she is obliged hypocrisy and Zhang Chen grand are aloof. In Zhang Chen grand there, also was immersed in one picket to be bothered greatly, that is the black line that he has confused accordingly so small head ” big Liu ” after killing a barbershop daughter, want to let him carry a blame on the head. This expect below the circumstance that Zhang Chen grand is fearing lets Li Fei and him help big Liu destroy cadaver destroy the evidence together, as a result the last impulse killed big Liu again, situation is urgent under he destroys big Liu cadaver destroy the evidence, and wait for him to finish all these runs hastily far later, did not notice the Li Fei that arrive later and sees all these secretly beyond, help the blooded stone that when he threw away that commits the crime, uses.

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3, period of character analysis high school is a lot of person lifetime most very important time paragraph, because it concerns life direction to be decided really already, of more associated heart grow, no matter be Li Fei or Zhang Chen grand, their destiny contrail had true and deadly be mixed here, two people apparently look be like go gradually gradually far, also forget not to drop that heart to know abdomen again however bright hide in the corner a the darkest thing, they are waiting to perhaps want to be close to the adjudgement of the destiny actively, if be,can be from wrong at the beginning, cause by complete impulse and hesitation namely, old hind how should face all these again? ” adieu, teenager ” the story that relate looks be like very feeble, very contradictory, probably, this is in those days green about.

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