Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: The film ” An Hun ” Guan Xuan odd sea of faces signs up for lofty of partner of Luan Lei flower child Chen Jin open is brand-new part Now, by day to the temple too Lang Zhi guides, playwrite of Fu Chuanyuan article, lofty of partner of Luan Lei flower child, the warm gut that the actual strength actor such as Chen Jin acts the leading role piece ” An Hun ” odd sea of faces signs up for commentate piece, in order to make old ashen background, showed the character’s unique individual color, also bury for follow-up length played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story. Film of it is reported will on March 25 the throughout the country is common mirror. Be worth spring good time of play of go for a walk in the country in spring, the film also meaning the happiness that appealing everybody is good at cherishing instantly, more time accompanies family.

20220319130043 6235d3fb450ec

The film ” An Hun ” adapt from week of winner of award of literature of writer of Henan book soldier, Mao Dun big new homonymic novel, by goldenrain tree at the same time Lei Ying goes out perform Zhang Shuang, lofty child piece perform father Tang Dadao, hu Ruiying of mother of old Jin personate, the Zhou Daxin before this makes a speech in spot of ceremony of film first show ” father mother’s greatest desire is infer you ” , and this word conveyed countless break alone parental aspirations: Should lose only child, life from now on gloomy do not have light again, think good-bye child one side only. In whole world of indulge in wilful persecution of new coronal virus, whole world many youths are snatched of life today, in the hour that a lot of parents are overwhelmed with sorrow, the film ” An Hun ” show have extraordinary sense, he hopes those are broken alone parents can be obtained from inside this film comfort in the heart.

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Luan Lei flower goes out to be in up to now ” psychological blame ” the first season, ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” , ” love division ” , ” female psychology division ” , ” make innocently ” the part with all sorts of disparate disposition was shaped in waiting for much department work. Also depend on courtyard line film accordingly ” see peony wells balanced again ” acquire association of person of film review of film festival of international of Houston of the 50th United States optimal heroine, the film ” not mad demon does not survive ” the plan in be seleted film of international of the 4th Ping Yao successfully also to postpone development is unit.

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Current, luan Lei flower still has much department work to did not sow: Courtyard line film ” last defense line ” , the film ” not mad demon does not survive ” , teleplay ” military spirit dictate ” ” history go up the strongest hero ” etc, let us expect together! And ” An Hun ” also be about to on March 25 the throughout the country is common mirror, let us seek the solution of time together, cherish instantly happiness.

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