Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: What new work does happy fried dough twist have again? ” elder brother, hello ” film official announce! The closest time, because the environment is brought about, many film film appeared problem. Below this kind of condition, happy fried dough twist rushed like a dark horse. This group is a group of gay fried dough twist. Group of happy fried dough twist basically acts the leading role all sorts of comedic films. Main member includes Shen Teng, Marie, Allan, Chang Yuan, Huang Cailun, Wei Xiang to wait. Generally speaking, pass an interesting changeover clue, achieve a good final result, be like ” Charlotte’s trouble ” , ” Xi Hong city head rich ” , ” killer is not very sober ” etc. 20220319160048 6235fe303623b Recently, happy fried dough twist announced formally the name is elder brother, your fine new film, and on April the bottom is shown. This, it basically is mixed by Ma Li, Changyuan Wei Xiang acts the leading role. Film ” elder brother, hello ” the Xiaowu of electronic athletics personnel that explained to do not have ambition (Chang Yuan personate) a dusty and old diary and a pallet ring are found in cleaning, obtained return 20 centuries the ability of 80 time. As a result of Xiaowu’s arrival, the destiny of parents and old friend also produced the change of world-shaking. This film should be Mali production reappears deductive film of the first heroine. After transcribe ends, she is in ” I and my home town ” later appear with the identity of pregnant woman again. 20220319160048 6235fe30566f3 To restore 20 centuries better the setting of 80 time, the staff member still used material to build a setting on the street directly, head for Chongqing to film for many times, just feel to nostalgic times restores ancient ways in reductive drama. In issuance propagandist video, net, netizens also showed a lot of ridicule. In drama, the actor always is taking away ring to cross ladies room, mom Ma Li sees later. From this second ball, chang Yuan prepares to admit with parental photograph. Everything what they thought of they can think, afraid. Which place is more classical in wanting to say the prevue that releasing, that is Wei Xiang calls Chang Yuan elder brother, it is I become you really father, you become me elder brother, two people say each each. 20220319160048 6235fe308e563 Respecting Wei Xiang, in recent years, he is enacting a few supporting rule in comedy of happy fried dough twist all the time. For example, 3 impediment the part of a pig is deep take root in the heart at people. Depend on pair of comedic persistence, he is in eventually ” killer is not very quiet ” in gained huge success. The Wei Chenggong in film calculates the epitome that going up is him Wei Xiang. Borrow by have deep love for to comedy ceaselessly, wei Xiang agrees with the part of show walk-on. The performance of so genuine persistence also lets him be remembered successfully by the audience, after becoming afterwards Shenyang to vacate He Mali the another delegate character of happy fried dough twist.

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