Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: After the sea breaths out Jin Xi marriage to give birth to child head bask in according to! 32 years old of birthday are celebrated in the hospital Late on March 18, just written guarantee with announce of Li Yapeng’s official the sea of legitimate child breaths out Jin Xi to bask in a photograph first, the birthday that celebrates oneself 32 years old. The sea breaths out Jin Xi to bask in the first piece of golden picture is with Li Yapeng and new student child ” 3 ” close according to. 2 people of husband and wife are pulling the child’s puerile little hand, the picture is sweet and happy. This piece of photograph ever also appeared in legitimate child of knot of announce of Li Yapeng’s official in sharing.

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Sea Ha Jinxi still basks in those who gave oneself and Li Yapeng to close according to, this also is her the first time after as Li Yapeng wife status appears basks in a two people to close according to. Add up to the sea in illuminating to breath out Jin Xishen to wear ethical dress, pulling Li Yapeng’s hand, face camera lens to show bright smile.

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