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Original title: The director will tell you ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” where is malformation The theatrical work that sows these days is quite much, the director also is not blame write ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” cannot. Originally I just also plan to see two market, bad to looked to pull out. But, I see two market late two Po say survive is ugly, result vermicelli made from bean starch says I pass not happily… I have Qian Youxian to prove me, pass well still, see the 7th market so, preparation says this theatrical work well, had wanted to get much more unfortunate blessing to just can feel it is good-looking! ! !

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Some valve says, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” telling about the music that is about to graduate is school of vigour girl Lin Zhi (Yang Zi is acted the role of) , do not miss the arrangement program life according to father, hope the music that holds to oneself dreams, however dash forward the domestic misfortune that contracts cancer by father, lie with as it happens the career trough, Gu Wei that wants to abandon surgical career (Xiao Zhan is acted the role of) the warmth of come into unavoidable confrontation cures department story. On body of Lin Zhi school tough, hopeful, exposed to the sun and crude character moved to consider the Kingdom of Wei, and Gu Wei also resembles a lamp from beginning to end, silently warm Lin Zhi school. Two people had experienced the sweetness of love, in the meantime, also sampling the joys and sorrows of life that grow. But no matter encounter what kind of difficult problem, they are not light character abandons, let oneself become more outstanding hard however, stand by the other side sturdily and entrust survive.

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See this brief introduction, this drama is a warmth actually is small sweet drama. But, when seeing play, it is different! Men and women advocate encounter in bar, male advocate be pulled by force by the little brother, female advocate it is to follow boudoir honey, decide otherwise is done surely below good gracious female. Next female advocate dad searchs, so great place, female advocate go to male advocate beside collect is worn go hiding, still use male advocate the dress is blocked. Addiction having clean and indissoluble of amorous feelings male advocate nature is not dry, follow immediately female advocate grab had the clothes. This one operation, true, 3 years old cannot more. One does not have brain, one does not have demeanour. Of course, female basically be to have head this moment she should be conceivable bar has a place cry ” toilet ” , I do not believe her dad to be able to run to women’s lavatory to look for her! Good, the person that has head too is led probably in homebred idol play cannot find a target.

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Between drag, female advocate within an inch of attacks male advocate on the body, photograph next gave pair of inspected camera lens like eldest brother, I feel at that time, male advocate the dress is a what different probably can of dimensional and so on, a dust coat just, the men and women advocate the cover must become the world additionally.

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Be in female advocate ↓ of ↓ of the ↓ in the line of sight of dad, point to adventitious really they are doing what.

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Next, 3 people, a retired dean, a college student that is about to graduate, the technical backbone of a hospital, basically can saying is social elite, they are noisy in bar a of special Low. Be being summed up is, the doctor says the girl does not have family education, father says the doctor is scampish, girl force holds out dear father. When I see this kind of play every time, cannot help can thinking, such gut, such person is set, if abroad also somebody seeks Chinese theatrical work, can they feel our Chinese brain is bad? After all, it is what vermicelli made from bean starch says not to have cerebral drama, mind also is not taken when only vermicelli made from bean starch sees play really! And, the major person on this world also does not have the likelihood feel to had said so that suffering attends a meeting to feel this kind of drama is sweet.

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Immediately, female advocate father diagnose gastric ulcer, male advocate turn over case of illness, the announcement comes to a hospital do gastroscope again, next diagnose metaphase of cancer of the stomach. When this does gastroscope again, female advocate father still played a desert in face of a battle. Follow originally female advocate peace female advocate mom says well, come redo gastroscope, the result arrived at the door the hospital, he took a taxi to run. Female advocate reached a hospital, the spot performs a collywobbles, lie in the family to just finished on the sickbed of the person that the operation still watchs in observation room, groan chirp ground call in dear father. Female advocate this what quality? Family patient if this moment is pushed, how to do? Later, female advocate still spit groove with pa Mom male advocate unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment, petticoat influence, playboy, completely by male advocate heard. However, when doctor in charge of a case of operation of arrangement of her dad diagnose is one is about easily ” cut completely ” after the doctor, female advocate realised again male advocate commendable — he is not cut completely, the dad that should ask him to help him with respect to try every means then advocate knife. We also do not find out what our country to short so far medical treatment resource, have only when complete courtyard and even whole nation male advocate so alone the technology that the seedling can not cut completely. Anyway this cure makes female principal and subordinate change lap a dog, give aboveboard male advocate give sb a present. What fruit, shampoo, holothurian, give a place of strategic importance directly finally money of soft younger sister. Altogether, female advocate it is an a stupid person. I am not to mind movie and TV this kind of clue that compares gray appears in drama, what I mind quite is, sent thing, shampoo is advertisement, holothurian those who hit is some kind of edge ball. Can playwrite have bit of thing in your brain? I begin to still think not to prepare to write the plot of a play that sends money directly, the result still is not to send. Since be to should send, still be inferior to sending money directly at the beginning. Later, male advocate told directly female advocate oneself cannot be her father advocate the reason of the knife, female advocate begin to send warmth, send the heart chicken broth. I know the life is too bitter, need hotspot is small sweet drama comes paralytic oneself. But the likelihood is done not have because of my life so bitter, so I see female advocate the banner that playing dad of cancered giving meet with to look for a doctor, comfort every day male advocate, pacify male advocate when, I cannot help wanting to ask: Girl, do you still remember you weighing disease to be in the old father of the bed?

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And male advocate, addiction of Gao Leng, clean. What walk in human society is red male green female bone frame is in his eye, who commenting on is to suggest to hang what division, treat what disease. The cremation after work must resemble dead can burn an one caboodle Buddhist relics child like. Because of a month before male advocate advocate the teacher that the operation of the knife orders him dead, original operation is very successful, male advocate the teacher also is the massive haemorrhage after dying at art, say to follow in drama male advocate the remedial plan that make does not have a problem with operation flow. The director is not medic, did not understand to be believed. But, because the issue that follows him to do not have too big concern originally so namely is his teacher, next male advocate was immersed in tremendous sadness, appeared even the obstacle should be stimulated after scar, abbreviation PTSD. Hand of knife of one handclasp art trembles so that follow Pajinsen like (well-meant, it is an analogy, cannot find more appropriate position. ) because decanal daughter is male advocate hunter, dean also very appreciate male advocate, add gave such business, be opposite in the hospital male advocate claver also is cause a temporary clamor. Male advocate the psychological problem because of oneself, had applied for to turn division, preparation goes specializing in learning. This moment male advocate encountered female advocate. We knew, female advocate be destined is to save male advocate, and male advocate it is to be destined to want female advocate dad becomes an operation.

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As expected, be in female advocate under hard bubble of use soft tactics, what male idea knew him is enchanted. He of wool of clean addiction chelonian can be in even female advocate she gives a warmth when for oneself the illness of dad cries held in the arms. The director thinks the acting that resemble battle is no good, it is here apparent point. Other issues and do not carry, the strange Ga that a Gao Lengjie hobby says according to manage here can stand by a girl actively and embrace her, should take the tenderness that does not know oneself and enchanted. But be like battle whole journey to act so that resemble,be Yang Zi like there is virus on the body, come from the distance actually say, the distance of this hug can look to come out his clean addiction, but in the eye, still have expression and do not have the sort of very tender enchanted feeling, feel this hug comes indescribably. Later, male advocate right female advocate feeling with respect to advance rapidly, went seeing oneself division parent, overcame psychogenic disorder to promise to replace later female advocate father advocate the knife treated a disease. It is to be in more female advocate effect of father operation rehabilitation auspicious when contained aggression sex ground to explore female advocate have a boy friend. Although say me not quite how does understanding scenario consider, but the sequence of thought of gut still is clarity probably. Be in before, male advocate follow female advocate the earphone that has shared oneself. He is actually right female advocate accepting is one step by step, the problem is share earphone from first time, become really interested to what cannot help later. From ” kill celestial being ” arrive ” wolf highness ” , from ” ace army ” arrive ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” from A to Z, xiao Zhan is the expression of a pattern plate. In this drama, he also does not have a the sort of body defect to be in love euqally, do not know oneself, cannot accuse, intended innocently infatuation expression comes out, appear exceedingly curt. Sensory resembling is a robot male friend that sets good program, perhaps resemble an AI again.

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And of this drama male advocate very idle, unusual not in use. Because,he is done not have unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment by suspend sb from his duties, go to work normally all the time, and superhigh person is had to enrage in the ill crowd of the hospital. Have a female patient at the beginning for her daughter it is to gave him to want telephone number forcibly almost, be in male advocate after chela just went, dial the telephone immediately, result male advocate the number that those who stay is a hospital. I do not know male advocate it is to have much reception getting a person, want to set a such the plot of a play, feel that female patient follows the girl that stands on the side of her, two people should be treated manage head. So, male advocate be in a hospital a what position is now? Did not see he has examined a patient, it is urgent processing crosses an operation only. Next he everyday make the rounds of the wards, to all patient inquire after sb’s health, be opposite especially female advocate. He from cold-shoulder her, because her father cancer of the stomach can borrow her to rest,arrive, arrive even let her go to him office? Follow repeatedly female advocate father also knows to pretend with the child of ward him medicine was lost, please male advocate go searching, it is arrangement actually male advocate go comforting female advocate. But what do this have again incorrect? In idol play, the dog is secondary attack. Male advocate know female advocate the mood breaks down go comforting her, listen to her to talk about ideal with oneself, talk have deep love for, talk about cello… present homebred drama ah, come out a profession is a doctor, come out a profession is musician. Anyway everybody is having decorous interest interest, for example listens symphonic, for example sees ballet. Anyhow, not be us this kind a day of 3 eat, hit card to go to work, the vivid law of the rude person of foot of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed coming home. Which days of ability gives a person that has deep love for literature to set in idol play, we will talk about Williams · Shakespeare, talk about Liefu Tuoersitai, fruit of rain of Tan Weike much · . Rectify who won’t a few foreigners like the name.

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This drama, to help sb to fulfill his wishes male advocate ideal person is set, female advocate became an a stupid person. But perfect male host is set met faulty acting, the feeling also has bit of wood. This drama besides the men and women advocate the person sets an issue, the person of costar is set also have a problem very much. Female advocate father, be in again after agreeing with family to go to a hospital reinspecting the road runs at the door the hospital; Be in those who know oneself got cancer to want to become an operation before today, leave a bank to block a password, run again road. Be in female advocate with male advocate after finding him, stir a region again however move daughter advocate recall is erst, regret oneself did not finish with baby daughter 100 things. It is OK that only I feel this paragraph is stirred more natural? Do not have really necessary let female advocate father runs so time. Be adult, be emeritus person! The male can retire 55 years old I was not found out! But the can you do thing that should you do bit of retiree? Not small not sensible, old not sensible also. Remnant biddy advocate mom a person, she is so old maintain this home to must have much trouble!

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I see this play the 7th collect. Tell the truth, it is to be without really explode, if Xiaozhan is not 227, he was papered early. Acting cannot bear completely orthoptic. Take antrum to take tone, both neither resembling is playing handsome, also unlike is installing cruel, still do not act to give the sort of nevering mention it to let a person become really interested in love drama, connect him himself the one face ancient Jing Mobo of repeat what the book says. Feel without CP without the sincere feeling… he again so go down, hopeful asks vessel generation Bking. And in Yang Zi’s acting, she most those who give prize is mood appeal. But again the person of a stupid person is set also want the plot of a play, she this type acts too much, feeling mode was changed. From ” female psychology division ” arrive ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” I am to feel disappointed really. If she moves up and down in idol play all the time, also so return a responsibility.

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Emmm… is Xiao Zhan hand weak point?

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[achieve statement formerly: The article is ” recreation is investigated today bureau ” achieve solely formerly, greeting transmit is encircled to the friend, but forbidden any forms reprint other platform without accredit, discovery is chased after surely duty after all! ]

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