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Original title: ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” comment on fire! Gut did not look enough, scarcely should miss these a few barrage On March 17, by Zhu Ruibin hold guide, ren Jialun, Dilireba presents as leading role, the ancient costume that the person such as Xiao Shunyao, Guo Xiaoting, this sand acts the leading role is mythological drama ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” go up formally line, once this drama broadcasts gas of somebody who happens to be on hand for an errand is pulled full, greatly a the whole people chases after the imposing manner of drama.

20220319160336 6235fed8654fa

” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” comment on fire! Gut did not look enough, scarcely should miss these a few barrage. The line on this drama has had time of a few days, although can be updated everyday, but audience people consistent performance is 3 words ” look not quite ” ! After all gut is too wonderful really, still have Ren Jialun, Dilireba main actor of two superhuman vital energy is added hold, how to look quite? Since gut looks not quite, cannot add again more, so everybody mights as well change the look to the comment, perhaps can see what send individually ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” .

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100 beautiful cereal grow be a guest of long meaning of Ji Yunhe welcome because meaning displeased suitable De Xianji to be sent Jiaohua of 100 beautiful cereal, the Ji Yunhe that regards drive as clever division opens his mind above all, to growing meaning speak bluntly ” welcome be a guest 100 beautiful cereal ” . Are to this many netizen gods judged ” have so gay? ” ” this eyes, am I looked at how is resembling to treating pet? ” ” the expression of a pair of smilingly, can not psych out fish of my home big tail! ” ” this begin, picture extremely I buy pet cat. ” Ji Yunhe does not invite body of meaning of be expected to rise

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Long meaning became a person by shark person below Ji Yunhe’s help, just did not wear a pair at that time, next the young join a regular shift or class beside is about to run over to look, how makings be stayed in by Ji Yunhe take everything into one’s own hands, do not let look. Right now netizens are impatient ” yourself does not look, why pulling others even? ” ” you do not look, I look! ” ” the heart that did not know an audience, camera lens is not cut! ” ” Ji Yunhe by accident I ah! ” do not know namely, have inside this comment don’t have maly? Fish of speak bluntly of young join a regular shift or class is pretty good long meaning issues scale to save Ji Yunhe to unplug, as a result young join a regular shift or class says to discover this fish is pretty good still suddenly, all over baby.

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Right now barrage began again! “Be treasure all over not only, still can immortal not old! ” ” I think what she should say next is to steam still is braise in soy sauce! ” that the fiercest criticism still must be that: “Does support of the people eating shark eat the Tang Dynasty monk flesh which better? ” the netizen replies: Eat walnut first! Filling head! It is to laugh dead really. The standing grain of mouth discipline cloud that young join a regular shift or class wants to bite long meaning discovers long meaning conversation is unaccustomed, the mouth that then young join a regular shift or class expresses to want to bite shark person just goes, say to be about to touch the mouth, be checked by Ji Yunhe fortunately.

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Many netizen gods are judged ” how doesn’t this attendant rely on chart a bit! ” ” is butterfly so lubricious now? ” the fiercest that still must be ” should be being bitten also must be Ji Yunhe is bitten, dare your minor minor role also kiss male advocate? ” it is really absolutely! With magical is, return somebody to accost ” it is namely! Are we still discharging a team? Do you go up to be inserted? ” ha! Must say, the god of netizens is judged, it is to be able to let everybody see really different ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” .

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