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Original title: Decide an actor formerly sudden decline acts, but the newlywed person that seeks glibly northeast word is saved, become accidentally however classical Good opportunity everybody wants, so a lot of star in recreational group also are for so called good resource smashed a head. But also some opportunities look is not so superexcellent opportunity, the actor can seize such opportunity, and can recumbent such opportunity prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, be the eye that relies on an actor completely and actual strength purely.

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When ” sweet honey ” leave when patting, yang Zi recommended Deng Lun to go out histrionic medium male main actor, deng Lun also is the accredit that is based on pair of Yang Zi, piece acted ” sweet honey ” . ” sweet honey ” hold in both hands red Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi, also let before famous degree all the time of very pretty good Yang Zi famous degree further upward, but actually 3 main actors in drama are in piece when performing theatrical work of this movie and TV, they also do not have expect ” sweet honey ” can explode greatly later.

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Spill over when sand acted ” the story of cooking class ” when, the main actor in director and drama just wants to do the scene comedy with a good quality, everybody cannot think of, later ” the story of cooking class ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan after broadcast and red, 6 actors in drama are held in both hands by drama of this movie and TV early or late red. Hong Jiantao, Zhou Xiaobin, Mao Hai, Fan Ming, Jiang Chao, Sha Yi also is be in ” the story of cooking class ” when heat is sowed by audience place hep.

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When Sha Yi memory removed his ginseng to act ” the story of cooking class ” when experiencing, he once was laughing to say, he can go out acted ” the story of cooking class ” medium Shuai Hu this one part is to be hit by accident purely bump by accident. Because at first Shuai Hu of this part acting a person is not Sha Yi, later, person of Shuai Hu that act temporarily demit acts, so the director also was forced to catch Sha Yi to was saved in the past, and what the northeast word that the reason that the director takes a fancy to Sha Yi is Sha Yi says is very pretty good. After this, of glibly northeast word young Sha Yi participated in handsome also new personality actor ” the story of cooking class ” film. Still be more handsome when Sha Yi is young, he of the military uniform that wore also is to be in handsome in taking a foolish, so although he is not ” the story of cooking class ” in acting most give a when carry, but he also is lucky recumbent this drama had very tall famous degree.

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Receive when sanded later excessive patted ” pass outside Wu Lin ” medium when extending this one role in vain, because the sanded excessive feeling to the person is sunshine,also be handsome humorous also and humor. What make Sha Yi big explode truly is ” pass outside Wu Lin ” . However, when Sha Yi recumbent after drama of this movie and TV explodes greatly, an excellent work of his follow-up quite influential force is less and less however.

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Present Sha Yi had become Ga of a put together art, act in a play he less and less also should be to want transition to do compere, and Sha Yi also is to suffer quite in program of put together art chase after it is quite good to hold public praise in both hands, perhaps do not have actor sanded excessive later, have compere sanded excessive only.

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