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Original title: New theatrical work of Xu Ling month ” the river of great fortune ” switch on the mobile phone deduce Qiao Yu of independent knowledge female to draw attention Recently, by profit of overhead of Inc. of group of trade of movie of article of short for Zhejiang Province, Beijing limited company of culture of big beautiful movie and TV manufactures, pan Jingcheng hold guide, wait for the drama of tribute of new era emphasis that presents as leading role to act the leading role by month of Wang Lei, Xu Ling ” the river of great fortune ” announce to switch on the mobile phone formally, the actor makes the Qiao Yu with verbal and bright and clear, biting individual character of age month personate, very fetching attention.

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Subject matter of project of key tribute drama and battle array suck eyeball ” the river of great fortune ” be included by total bureau of national wide report ” our new era ” key teleplay piece odd, it is Zhejiang province key literary creation project. Built up gold advocate start a group. Total producer Gao Jun and playwrite Ma Jigong ever had been made together ” diplomatic wind and cloud ” ” Peng Dehuai marshal ” wait for many thematic work, ma Jigong still has been obtained at the same time ” flying Apsaras award ” ” Jin Ying award ” optimal playwrite award. The youth that has won outstanding director award for many times directs Pan Jingcheng. Xu Ling month and the bend force that numerous actual strength sends an actor join in, formed a the Grant Canal group like picture scroll, it is undoubtedly ” the river of great fortune ” added multiple hotspot and character safeguard, how are they built in all hand in hand ” the river of great fortune ” , suffer fully fix eyes upon.

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Xu Ling month portrays independent woman comfortable deserve to spend tall ” the river of great fortune ” be come nearly 20 years about China of the record of processing of the Grant Canal and vicissitudes of life of coastal people life make, since showing new century the new features of Chinese people. External form of month of actor Xu Ling is pure and fresh, temperamental Wen Wan, personate independence female has be convinced power very much, the Qiao Yu that she acts regards a learned independent knowledge as the female, the construction that devotes oneself to to be the motherland and development make an individual contribute. The Qiao Yu in drama and male advocate does road endless flow concern how? What kind of story to produce in the process that can two people govern in the canal? ” the river of great fortune ” switch on the mobile phone drew numerous audience look.

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Xu Ling month is in before in work of movie and TV, acting of Ceng Yijing crystal clear shaped a lot of parts, be like ” return go coming ” medium Miao Ying, ” Qing Pingle ” the Miao Xinhe in, ” half warm days ” medium Yan Xiaochen… the part is diversiform, model a gender strong, actual strength be obvious to all. It is reported, the net drama that by Xu Ling the month acts the leading role ” Yun Xiangchuan ” and the film that acts the leading role jointly with Wang Qianyuan ” hunt massacre ” be about to meet with the audience, expect those who make age month new work to go up line, with her the part with wonderful henceforth more is deduced. (reprint this article to pass more information, if tort asks connection to delete)

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