Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” the content in the palm ” hind! Another cruel article decides movie and TV to change! Male advocate Zhao Youting! In last few years cruel article drama is equipment really welcome, especially before of ovation of period of time ” the content in the palm ” , male advocate Fu Shen is to let many people really all right ” be fed up with ” ! After spending this drama end, still not little person enters sport too deep, the miserable experience that goes to Fu Shen feels sympathize with, the person that want original work even revises final result, small cruel happy affection, big cruel hurts a body.

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Nevertheless again article of a cruel is about to adapt recently, this is ” spring flower be disgusted with ” , believe this novel has had very much person to had looked, this novel origianl work is Hei Yan greatly work, in cruel article before can be being ranked 3, nevertheless the evaluation is polarization however, what the evaluation that somebody likes someone comparatives however is low, male advocate be a model: Occupied Zhong Moyan, without thing summer winter jasmine, when having a thing, remember female advocate, female advocate toxic look for male main antidote, result male advocate fed her to take a dumb drug, female finally advocate ” cheat is dead ” when, male advocate still dig grave, holding corpse in the arms all sorts of dressing feed a meal.

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The most unusual is, two people produced so much, return Happy Ending actually finally, it is to let a person be accepted hard really, a lot of people evaluate this novel is for cruel and cruel, very much nevertheless enter the vermicelli made from bean starch with too late show, what develop because of the feeling between two people again is labyrinthian and aching unceasingly.

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Do not cross this story clue, if be work of make it movie and TV, this ending should be should change, about gut trend, still do not have Guan Xuan at present, but male advocate had decided Zhao Youting will go out at present act! Be in before Zhao Youting ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” medium acting, was convinced many people, ancient costume model is too handsome really!

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Female advocate still be only temporarily fan, the government also did not give out at present goodwife is chosen, but it is reported has contacted Li Qin before this drama, li Qin journey is too full, already divide evenly does not give time to join perform this theatrical work, additional also somebody guesses is goodwife choosing is Chen Xiaoyun, join before Chen Xiaoyun had performed not little work, whole person looks to also have clever energy of life very much.

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Female advocate spend after all fall whose home, still let the Guan Xuan such as our! Nevertheless Zhao Youting goes out perform this theatrical work, believe or be worth to expect very much! Is you hope who will go out act female advocate this part?

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