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Original title: Went 30 years, is by what she is returned China the first? A few days ago I am told too long homebred without occurrence high quality history drama. Tiring-room heaves a sigh one piece. Sigh also be homebred not merely history drama, however a kind of comprehensive coast. In opening year of play 2022, only ” germinant ” ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” ” between the world ” return those who calculate tablet of able to read aloud fluently is mediumly to explode paragraph. But the drama of high component public praise that alludes compared with associate with, always felt to differ dot meaning it seems that. Know in have a topic: What distinction does day theatrical work, beautiful theatrical work, Han drama, homebred drama have? The netizen summed up to distain catenary: Beautiful theatrical work > day theatrical work > = Han drama >> > homebred drama but days goes backwards 30 years, we had early most bovine state theatrical work — 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” (also weigh 82/88 edition) , 87 edition ” red Lou Meng ” , 94 edition ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” , 98 edition ” Shui Hu is passed ” . 20220319161248 62360100d0220 4 old drama, ministry department is classical. Be apart a few years, in B station cutback, sit firmly first an ancient folding chair, broadcast quantity, barrage quantity to ride absolutely dirt. Informal one collect is opened, man Bing is ” father blueness is answered ” ” the tear looks ” . 20220319161249 623601019610d Why? The answer hides in that each frame completely. We say from the beginning. Does the homebred drama in those days have many after all ” poor ” ? The homebred drama nowadays, ministry department is so-called ” with great quantity ” , can Where is the effect? 4 words: Cannot bear orthoptic. And when patting 4 names to write, rather. Arrived thoroughly acme — do not have money, do not have equipment, do not have a technology. ” on the west travel notes ” entire play staff has a camera only, a whole scene should be patted on 56 times. Specially good effect, rely on work laboriously of play staff personnel to grind completely come out. To build ” celestial being is enraged ” the effect that wind around, the staff member keeps shaking only dry ice bottle. 20220319161249 62360101b8bfb Pat Long Gong, put an aquarium before camera lens. 20220319161249 62360101d8bb9 Heavenly palace strolls, rely on slide. 20220319161250 62360102052be How does flight camera lens do? At the beginning, the play staff abstained an earth elevator, but already danger is used falsely again. Later, hear play staff of Hong Kong and Taiwan has ” condole power inferior ” , yang Jie’s director is being taken photograph resemble running ” steal Shi Xueyi ” . such, the edge pats an edge to fumble. 20220319161250 623601022f0cb But, the technology is not quite advanced, steel wire became thick can wear a band, choose too finely, can have risk. Because of insufficient major, fell to become all in the day’s work. 20220319161250 62360102814a9 Film every time end, a few actors speak each other: “Look, this we did not fall dead again. This we did not fall dead again.. 20220319161250 623601029dd79 Because funds is insufficient, for managing and artificial, one person can be divided act the role of many parts. Yan Huaili besides act sanded monk, still go out acted too on the many parts such as Prince of the Devils of old gentleman, ox, clairvoyance. 20220319161250 62360102ec021 “Old show bone ” Li Jiancheng goes out performed the role with the eunuch, bonze, 20 many disparate disposition such as 9 Ling Yuansheng, demons and ghosts. 20220319161251 623601033b74b Important not be one person cent impersonates much character of course. However, perform what to resemble. The poorest when, pat a half to do not have money, somebody suggests at this point coda calculated. Dan Yangjie still holds to after all, very reluctantly will originally the gut of 30 collect, cut to 25 collect, just completed this edition ” on the west travel notes ” . But with respect to this short 25 volume, be being patted is 6 years. 20220319161251 623601036e750 Because film time is too long, somebody informs against a play staff to borrow machine make a sightseeing tour. CCTV composition board of inquiry is on-the-spot seek by inquiry, ability discovery is too bitter really. Face keep a word: “Will just know you are so painstaking! The condition is too poor! ” the specially of a producer of CCTV drew the investment of 3 million for the play staff, compulsory piece performed centipede essence (the justice elder brother of 7 spiders essence) . Arrived other 3 film, although invest to increase somewhat, but charge is used on edge, can save a province as to other. ” red Lou Meng ” the board expense of the play staff is 7 wool feed. 20220319161251 623601038e2fa Many delicate cate in drama, look at lifelike, but engrave with soap actually. 20220319161251 62360103e8c0b Actor be on short commons, cannot eat the meal on the desk again, can steal a candied date or jujube to fill up mat abdomen only. ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” the play staff is average remuneration 180, the salary that main actors take also is controlled 200 yuan only. 4 people pallet housing, the bed that Tang Guojiang has stayed in two 51 days even. 20220319161252 623601042a974 Food difference gave a name more, many actors, can advance pay ahead of schedule only. Because food is bad, had produced the one screen that be between tears and smiles even. One, personate Liu involves the actor real fond of good food of piece of 3 people, the corn that runs to fellow-townsman steals corn in the ground. The result was reachcaptured wearing. 3 younger brother put down 2 younger brother eldest brother, make off at once, impecunious ” Liu Bei ” be buckled to fall, finally still is ” Cao Cao ” taking money redemptive person. 20220319161252 623601044ba3f Though be become nowadays,the understanding when the story sounds laughs, see a lot of at that time feel sad however. But, what is what the actor that certain nowadays high pay proposes a toast brings? Invariable performance manner, listen to not clear actor’s lines strength, many cut to pursue vicarious without caption. Acid, sad. Does the homebred theatrical work that awaits in those days have more after all ” patient ” ? Although poor, but the homebred drama in those days really will ” patient ” developed acme. Director Wang Fulin to pat ” red Lou Meng ” , smooth preparation prepared one year. He is read origianl work, paper mixes all unscrambling, wrote a summary ” the director is elaborated ” , include pair of everyone the analysis of content, antecedent reviewing, disposition characteristic. Read research to be over, he also became ” red learn an expert ” . 20220319161252 623601046f1c9 When pick part, chose 153 actors from tens of thousands of person first, summon large quantities of one adviser again, undertake guidance. Advisory body is culture completely Great Master. Home Zhu , Shen Congwen, open aid of result, Wu Shichang, Zhou Yang, Zhou Ruchang, Yang Nai, Cao Yu…20220319161252 62360104c553e Each person with one one’s heart endeavors, and did not want recompense one minute. When those, ” red Lou Meng ” use ” devoted to origianl work, clever at clipping ” adapt a principle, the requirement is red learn experts to guard a pass strictly. Excelsior to what degree? Playwrite week mountain is written ” preferential outside was being put, hold the post of ” , be approved, should be ” put first only be short of ” just accord with a habit. “Made of baked clay disappear beating ice ” inappropriate, want instead ” disintegrate puts disappear on the ice ” . One word one, word word consider. Fast 80 years old ” Gong Xuetai is fought ” Zhou Ruchang, the play of each collect should look. Summer attends a meeting, sun is too poisonous, be born or often can sit first public transportation pass through largely Beijing city goes attending a seminar. When place, cough repeatedly take asthma, but sit to the chair, dehisce begins to say ” red Lou Meng ” . 20220319161252 62360104e67c5 ” red Lou Meng ” playwrite met an actor to groom, spent 4 months. From figure body, to painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess, ask not only be similar in shape, and want alike in spirit. Body spirit has both, ability and character close 2 for one. 20220319161253 623601051d7ab Say dub in background music again, 13, cost 4 years, completely one person finishs Wang Liping. Arrive from conception begin to write or paint, relapse again burnish, cost uses up painstaking effort. Among them, only ” bury spends chant ” wrote a year 9 months. Write so that there is much pain? Wang Liping says: “Gas breaks divine injury, trend blind alley. Trend blind alley.. 20220319161253 623601053e018 He says: “Bend is used up all, build an one path tall wall namely, let later generations know, it is not easy to surmount. ” ” on the west travel notes ” in, it is to make lens Qing Dynasty cost more than 4 years, wrote all songs. 20220319161254 623601061d255 ” dare ask the way is in He Fang ” , air is boundless. ” daughter affection ” , soft beauty of mild and indirect. But ” on the west travel notes ” fire, however nobody knows who Xu Jingqing is. Song wins a prize, inform him without the person. Everybody uses his song, but very few somebody pays him copyright fee. He wants to do ” the concert swims on the west ” , but without money. 20220319161254 62360106975d5 Later, in 20 thousand netizens numerous under prepared help, xu Jingqing’s desire just is able to come true. 20220319161254 62360106dca2c For this day, he waited 30 years fully. However, it is under false nowadays prosperity market, majority person is willing to be spent again no longer ” stupid ” kongfu. Does the homebred drama in those days have many after all ” attentively ” ? Have ” patient ” , also ” attentively ” . The play staff uses a heart. Those true setting, little of the group that make makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot and come. ” on the west travel notes ” film collect when scene, yang Jie was taking away one whole play staff to all over most therein country, went more than 60 tourist attractions of countrywide. 20220319161255 62360107073be Spend the setting of fruit hill, with respect to the assemble the scenery such as group of hill of chute of boreal Dai He, yellow fruiter, cottage, Home Zhang. 20220319161255 623601075fdc2 Nevertheless this is endure the hardships of an arduous journey all the way, it is riskful. Yang Jie is filming the not quite up to the mark in the process drops into cliff, had even that Ma Dou bitter taste. 20220319161255 6236010784165 ” red Lou Meng ” go around countrywide each district, it is to find the properest place, not hesitate for this heavy Jin Jian made flourish state seat of government and grand sight garden. 20220319161255 62360107a4ad3 ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” play staff, flounder Heibei, inside more than 10 provinces such as unconscious, Sichuan, Ningxia, city has find a view. 20220319161255 62360107d7a28 This kind shows to go up in modelling with heart system, meticulous to an a pair of a pair of brow, hands, white porcelain bead hairpin. Be opposite for reductive origianl work black jade ” the Li smoke eyebrow that the two curved blame that be like frown pressed ” depict, poplar cloud is searched from inside huge historical data went out ” Li smoke eyebrow ” commentate meaning, the eyebrow that decides a black jade finally design becomes the character 8 the top margin of a page that eyebrow end hangs low. What this ability had black jade is classical makeup look, drew the outline of an effeminate clammy beauty. 20220319161256 6236010830025 And of Bao Chai differ again, she is described in the book ” the lip is not nodded and red, eyebrow is not drawn and emerald green ” . For more the person of the daughter of an eminent family sets joint treasure hairpin and pliable disposition, poplar cloud designed fruitier leer the top margin of a page for her. 20220319161256 62360108611be Of Wang Xifeng is ” powdery face contains Chun Wei to be not shown ” condole tip eyebrow. 2022032001317 This is the requirement to camber only, still have makeup look, hairdo and dress, use a heart everywhere. The hairstyle of actress, it is to rise in the morning the true hair that spends a few hours to comb. 2022032001318 Original of 12 hairpin calm makeup take dress criterion textual criticism many document, search the standard of dress, stylist Shi Yanqin designed more than 2700 play to take, smooth Wang Xifeng one person 74. 2022032001319 Treat the makeup look nowadays and hair style again? Machine-made, not not textual research, unthink, exquisite. ” on the west travel notes ” also not Huang lets more. Wh whichever faery, still be an alluring woman, makeup look, hairdo, dress, especially tire, be elaborate design, not duplicate. 2022032001320 Looked, you can know what is called ” Jian Shui Qiutong ” ” eye wave is on the move ” . What is called ” powdery sweat dripping ” ” Lan Xin breath ceases ” . The play staff uses a heart, the actor also uses a heart. Ou Yangfen is strong good to act Bao Yu, forget food and sleep inside a month read 4 times ” red Lou Meng ” . 2022032001321 There is in drama ” black Yu Fuqin ” extract, those who play is that great musical composition ” high mountain running water ” . Chen Xiaoxu does not know Gu Qin, but do not agree to use stoutly vicarious. She for this dichotomy bell deduce, spent the exercise between two climate, rely on mechanical memorizing, be stupefied is to be played so that do not look to give any weak point on fingering. 2022032001322 A lot of people do not know, actually 6 small age Tong Gao spends myopia 600 degrees, 200 degrees of astigmatism. For practice with respect to piercing eye, he sees sunrise in the morning, staring at others to play a table tennis by day, stare at burning incense in the evening, this ability had the clever eyes in drama. 2022032001323 Liu Shuming is good to act Guan Yu, stick in the dormitory full Guan Yu’s actor’s lines, hour silent carries actor’s lines on the back, the feeling that fathoms Guan Yu, with mentation. 2022032001324 More take a life to act even. Red child Sun Wu of baked wheaten cake is empty, burn in 6 small age that fire on child body is true. 2022032001325 “The battle of Chibi ” that one conflagration, it is true. 2022032001327 Pat ” Shui Hu is passed ” ” Wu Song hits a tiger ” , ” Li Kui kills a tiger ” when, those who use is borrowed true tiger. 2022032001332 These invisible intentions, can not be person place to know probably. But make classically classical, the answer loses sight of in these completely actually ” attentively ” in. Classical show again hard? 2010, new edition ” red Lou Meng ” pat, zhou Ling is invited to become advisory. He is being taken enthusiasm and make up for the mood that regrets at the outset, went. But later, he discovers he is wrong. He gives a play staff lecture, but do not have advocate achieve personnel to had shown one side. He gives a play staff advise, tell ” red Lou Meng ” meaning accumulate. However, the play staff cares more, it is however ” how to pat ability to have more sell a site ” . He is invited to be new edition again ” red Lou Meng ” go to situation, make living broadcast, ground of character of all without exception knows to point out among them mistake in the spot. However, to finally, he is direct by ” ban speech ” : “I sit on only an expert place, propose talk without opportunity error correction again, look at full stage can helplessly only ‘ not reductive ” red Lou Meng ” ‘ of type acclaim. ” but, sad. 2022032001333 Graph source: I am missing objective of week mountain rich constantly, why we are met repeat everywhere see these old play, and be very happy with it? Thinking at the beginning is childhood filter lens. Just discover later, because these are classical,be good look to be able to have to every understand and comprehend newly. 2022032001334 Nowadays, even if is homebred drama gathers together, large flow, big make. Can not be more very by group ridicule, attack so that be without spray namely. little what? I remember, ” on the west travel notes ” director Yang Jie is asked, why be when this drama can be loved by the audience, said: “Because we are to be in,produce art, we were not money, not was a name, not was benefit. We are going all out in work with life, intention blood is being created. Intention blood is being created.. 2022032001335 Bosom idealism. Not plan gain and loss of fame and gain. Accomplish a thing acme. Those who keep the dinkummest to art first heart and awe-stricken heart. This enough makes classical circulate later ages. Her elder sister innocently will classical do with the drama of movie and TV nowadays quite. It is a hope only, when we are rich, famous, advantageous, also can withhold to do craft first heart. Esteem play, respect work, esteem audience. Because of this one sense of responsibility, no matter any timeses should be not lost,be. Her print supervise the manufacture of – author of her elder sister – graceful graceful small gain – Iiiher of @ her print is clicked ” read textual ” can come small gain looks for her elder sister play ah ~

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