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Original title: Head sow broken 500 million, public praise polarization, this city ” doctors and patients ” where is love drama hotspot? On March 15 eventually when ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” . As by keep long in stock love drama of 3 years can when its calm archives broadcasts it is vermicelli made from bean starch to have year of unripe series.

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Support especially stream ” Xiao Zhan ” and ” Yang Zi ” collaboration, can say the expectation to this drama is worth the degree with dispute witting pink.

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Because this broadcasts Chan Ping is premonitory that day broken 400 million, astral Hunan defends the eagle that inspect gold to sow a theater alone on, at the same time violent wind of type of viewing rate bluff rises the first, index of boom of teleplay of heart tower article the first, much platform heats up search the first, enough sees person energy of life of Xiao Zhan and heat.

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Head sow break the good result of 500 million, appear the next day ” survive ” ugly hot search vocabulary entry, can say to commend to the public praise of this drama differ.

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From the point of data ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” heat is OK really the capital that direct condole makes theatrical work of the corresponding period is in. But is because are two big people that banish collaboration to bring enraged,you can be like this heat merely? Is this wrapping around ” does doctors and patients concern ” where is the hotspot of the drama of city talk feeling of appearance? One of story clue belts feel, who can reject celiac black property visit a doctor. Hero considers the Kingdom of Wei is a digestive division that specializes in research of cancer of the stomach advocate order a physician, can say he is young promising sparkles again. Outside the common fault that only drawback should be digestive surgeon can Neirejia is straight male.

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Considered Wei Ke to give hospital and patient in order to say will whole life is contributed. Accordingly although he is smart, lone from beginning to end however dog one. Be considered to be like hole to arrive by close younger brother bar, the Gu Wei with straight male terminal cancer indissolubles amorous feelings, the professional level that to the belle he uses himself is performed directly lie between empty ” first visit to a doctor ” . Until encountered come out to wanton wasteful music is big school of 3 students Lin Zhi.

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Add chance encounter accidentally, attack to add sweetness to inspecting. Some of talk feeling drama covers a region ” survive ” to indissoluble the Gu Weian platoon of amorous feelings reachs the designated position. Just consider backhand of the Kingdom of Wei to be pushed namely have ” this is another price ” flavour, again oneself ” poisonous tongue ” the incisively and vividly that skill develops, meet leave directly with prospective farther-in-law rancor.

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Because of the reason of Lin Fu body, examination result is not quite clear, need hospitalization. The force that because this regards Lin Fu as the Gu Wei of doctor in charge of a case and Lin Zhi,the photograph loving each other between school reduces is formal open. Can say two people belong to estray of the strategic place in seeking dream way, lin Zhi school for cello music dream, consider the Kingdom of Wei to go up to weigh operating-table. From say mistrust of groovy each other each other, arrive to save atone for to be cured each other each other.

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While results of Lin Zhi school visits a doctor happily, had the courage that pursues a dream more. Before difficulty as before OK and sturdy oneself dream, even if before the road is confused do not be approved, also want carry all before one.

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Be like to considering Weiyi be. Can the fear of straight face heart, do not shrink back in the choice turning is. The excellent job that finish, find once that high-spirited and vigorous wants to devote oneself to medicine of cancer of the stomach to consider oneself. This drama has talk feeling already small sweet the about of drama is set in host of male and female again on give an audience with force. Say gut so very belt feeling also is one of reasons that it is paid close attention to. It is secondly ” acting ” the affirmation that go up. Xiao Zhan regards discharge as actor, problem and dispute are quite big if oneself place is taken, a lot of audiences hold the manner of doubt. The inadequacy after accordingly drama broadcasts has but the shock also has. Especially he issues operating-table in drama to the mirror red double eye. The fear of asp both hands and eye ground, invite an audience in all affection.

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The doctor of life and death seeing be used to also can be like the one side of this like a drowned mouse, broken feeling of Man Bing. Let a person cannot help wanting to understand Tibet.

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The Lin Zhi school of Yang Zi personate also can be encircled can nod, it is especially in the processing of small expression. Lin Zhi school is different from before part, her sunshine is optimistic, what go up without special mood is big close greatly. But having different eyes however – stubborn. When facing Lin Fu to oppugn her professional prospect, when facing reality and ideal double contradiction, her grievance and unwilling deduce let audience feeling be the same as experience.

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” survive gives advice or comments more please ” the likelihood has inadequacy, do not have drama of medicine of practical subject matter because of it realistically, but set from Yanzhi and person in light of have can encircle the place that can choose. Regard the first of spring sweet love as drama, audience people taking happy look to go! Cherry bolus small peach / author adventure / editor

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