Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Is dew of Gong Jun Zhao thought of will go out perform Gu Man to be made newly ” is scorching sun like me ” ? This resource is too good also

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Recently, melon of a movie and TV detonated each big recreation forum, that is: Of Gu Man ” scorching sun is like me ” want movie and TV to change, men and women advocate provisional Gong Jun and Zhao Lou are thought of. I see this information, the first reaction is not dare believe, the 2nd reaction is a surprise. If this explodes,expecting is true, this drama is afraid is Gong Jun and Zhao Lou think of the resource with best near future.

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Consider the teleplay that the IP that overflow adapts, contain Troy very tall, all along is each top shedding contends for the resource that grab. ” why sheng xiao silent ” Hanliang letting a bell and summit of summit of career of Tang Yan regain. ” fir fir came ” it is to let Zhao Liying wind judge big changeover more, also let Zhang Han ” pond advocate ” monicker up to now by the person hep.

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Zhao Lou is thought of be good at acting sweet younger sister, there is the feeling that a kind of family circumstances be liberalinged protects very well on her body, with ” scorching sun is like me ” female Zhu Niexi’s smooth figure very agree. And no matter Gong Jun is height, the age, temperamental still, with male advocate Lin Yu dark is very similar.

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This is adapted to drama gave a difficult problem, the show share that if lose,converts Zhuang Xu namely then, or look for a not handsome actor to perform Zhuang Xu casually, that ” scorching sun is like me ” the likelihood meets the glamour of this drama sell at a discount greatly. If the gut in completely reductive book, estimation can be to repair what the Gong Baimei of collect field rares to contend for, estimation male advocate Lin Yu dark still can be pressed by Zhuang Xu. Of course, before this, the tortoise is overflowed can first ” scorching sun is like me ” it is better that below half went out… Gong Jun is recorded ” Chinese meal hall ” bring 3 bowl oneself, be confiscated by program series however, billow billow nails accident knock candy

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